Do TV Remotes Work Through Glass? (Answered)

One of the most common questions from people is whether their TV remotes would work through glass. Since the TV remote uses a signal to reach the receiver on your television, you would be forgiven to think that once you stand behind glass that it would not work as effectively as it should and this could seem troublesome.

Most TV remotes and responders would work effectively through the glass and this would make it effective when you are outside and you want to change the TV channel. However, there are certain situations that could make it harder when it comes to changing your TV channel through the glass.

How To Make Your TV Remote Work Through Glass

Most TV remotes work with an Infrared (IR) signal that makes it easier for the signal to reach the television. One common misconception is that once you stand behind glass, it would reflect or impede the IR signal, which often makes it much harder for you to change the channel or send commands to the television.

One of the downsides is often that your remote control might not be consistent when you are behind glass and this could be that the glass is too thick or you might be too far away from the glass for it to register. By simply moving closer to the receiver, you should still be able to use the remote control effectively.

You might also have something more solid blocking the signal. When you have frosted glass, the glass might be a bit too thick and this could make it much harder for the IR signal to reach the intended destination. It is important that you focus on not having some solid objects block the path if you are to use your remote through the glass.

One of the main reasons that your TV remote does not work when connected to the receiver is often due to the distance. We have already touched on the distance aspects, but you should consider getting as close as possible to your TV screen if you want to make sure that it would work effectively to change the channel.

How To Make Your Remote Control Work Through Glass

Since glass does not actually impede the IR signal coming from your remote, the main issue is often distance. It would be best if you could find a range extender that makes it a bit easier for your remote control to reach the receiver. These are cheap and easy to buy, which makes life easier for those needing to communicate through the glass.

You might also want to angle the remote in such a way that would make it much easier for you to connect to the receiver if need be.


The glass from your door or window should not impede your television remote. It should often work and when it doesn’t, you will be out of range. We would love to see some of your comments on how you have made the TV remove work through glass.

This article was last updated on November 28, 2022 .

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