Samsung PN50C8000 Plasma TV Review

The C8000 series from Samsung is meant to be the flagship of the company for 2010’s plasmas, which basically means that Samsung PN50C8000, the smallest of the series, comes equipped with all the goodies the manufacturer invested in to impress consumers.

The model is 3D enabled – as the competition for 3D TV is going strong among plasma and LCD TV manufacturers – and this is not all. A new filter, called Real Black, was employed, and the manufacturer claims that its blacks are as good as they get and that while reducing glare and reflections, a problem even the best plasma TV models have not succeeded to eliminate completely so far. This 50-inch plasma TV also comes appointed with extensive entertainment options that make it a complete product, worthy of consumers’ interest.


  • Really great blacks
  • Less glare than seen in last year’s models
  • Extensive entertainment options


  • Some perks, like Motion Judder Canceller and 600Hz Subfield Motion, are more marketing buzz than true add-ons
  • Not as slim as LCD TV models released this year


As expected from a Samsung plasma TV that claims to be the best of the pack, Samsung PN50C8000 comes fully packed with features. The most appealing are included in Internet@TV services and Samsung Apps, as having access to online streaming and other services is a must-have for people looking for the best plasma TV models released in 2010.

When buying this 3D plasma TV model, you will have access to great options, such as Netflix, VUDU, Blockbuster, for movies, as well as others, like AccuWeather, Twitter, and USA Today. As opposed to its competition, represented especially by Panasonic TC-P50VT25, this Samsung plasma TV wastes nothing in these terms, which is a great plus.

The model is also 3D capable, and it has a special engine that allows conversion of 2D content to 3D, which is something particular to this series. Wireless DLNA comes to complete the picture, along with some extensive perks, meant to enhance picture quality.


Samsung PN50C8000 is not as sleek and trendy as LG Infinia 50PK950, but its looks are not bad, either. The titanium-like Touch of Color design is the mark of the series, and the 1.4-inch thickness of the panel tells a lot about the model’s slim figure.


This Samsung plasma TV model does not lack anything in terms of connectivity. With four HDMI inputs, two USB ports, built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, and wireless DLNA, the only thing that can be said about Samsung PN50C8000 is that its connectivity makes it a well-rounded product that comes equipped with everything someone would expect from a model of this size and reputation.


There are certain points that Samsung PN50C8000 can boast about, and it seems that the reputation that preceded the product itself told no lies. Practically, with good blacks and anti-glare performance that no longer wants to fall behind what LCD TV technology does, the Samsung model strives to deliver great picture quality in both 3D and 2D.

Video processing capabilities are the best, as anyone trying the product can attest, playing all kinds of formats, and doing quite a swell job for any kind of content, despite the fact that it comes in full HD and this is its main forte.

Black levels

Samsung advertises its best product of the 2010 line up of plasma TV as having some incredible levels of black. Because of the Real Black filter, it seems that advertisement does no justice, as critics say that the levels of black are as close to the Kuro as possible. The praise is not in vain, as the manufacturer decided to invest some in making its blacks better than what could be seen on last year’s models. The shadow detail is also kept crisp and accurate, which makes for really great picture quality, at least on par with what can be seen on other plasma models from competitors.

Color accuracy

Color fidelity is one point that Samsung also lists as being among its assets for this year’s line-up of plasma TVs. Samsung PN50C8000 has very accurate and crisp colors, and so far, the plasma TV reviews that have commented on the model’s capabilities show that people are pretty impressed with the colors it can exhibit.

Video processing

Samsung PN50C8000 is full HD, which means that high-definition content is what the Samsung plasma TV does best. It also comes equipped with a bunch of perks, such as Motion Judder Canceller, which is meant to reduce blur from fast-moving scenes, as the 600Hz Subfield Motion technology should do.

However, as most plasma TVs rarely experience such troubles, Samsung PN50C8000 is no exception, and these technologies are more eye candy than anything else. If you want to watch your favorite movie on Blu-ray disc, Samsung PN50C8000 is a pretty nice surprise, with its Cinema Smooth 24p technology, that allows you to watch movies in their natural cadence. If you engage in this mode, make sure to turn off the Motion Judder Canceller, as it could ruin your videophile-like experience.

Anti-glare capabilities

This is yet another of this 50 inch plasma TV’s strong points. The Real Black filter, besides increasing the black levels intensity, and delivering accurate shadow detail, is able to reduce glare and reflections, when you want to watch TV in a room scalded in light. As plasma TVs before could not do it properly, many hopes are closely related to the new filter from Samsung, and expectations are quite high. So far, they do a great job, and the results are pretty amazing for a plasma TV.

3D content

As mentioned earlier, Samsung PN50C8000 is 3D enabled, which means that it is capable of playing 3D content. The Active Shutter technology employed by the manufacturer seems to be able to get the job done, which means that you will be able to watch the latest releases in what is supposed to be the latest trend in TV watching. The model also comes equipped with a special engine that is responsible for converting 2D content in 3D, something that you will not find on competition’s models.

Standard definition

If you still want to watch standard definition content, you will be able to do so on this particular Samsung plasma TV model. It is worth saying that Samsung PN50C8000 is more than just an average performer when standard definition content is involved, and it is still better than Panasonic TC-P50VT25, or Panasonic TC-P50VT20.


Samsung PN50C8000 is a 3D plasma TV that has a lot of frills to go around and impress any buyer. Great viewing angle, amazing black levels, accurate colors, and excellent video processing capabilities, make this particular Samsung plasma TV model a very good performer in all areas, as far as image quality is concerned.

It has 3D capabilities – as expected from a flagship model -, it has a wide array of internet streaming services and very good connectivity options. All in all, this 50-inch plasma TV has many good points that may convince you to give it a shot when you are shopping for a new TV to watch 3D content, as well as other types of content.

This article was last updated on August 27, 2021 .

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