The 7 Best HDR Monitors

In the world of high-end gaming, there is little more you can do after upgrading your gaming PC to the maximum, except investing in an HDR monitor to complete the experience. Monitors of this caliber are able to produce an image of the highest quality, the deepest of blacks, the brightest of whites and some of the most vibrant colors.

In our professional opinion, the Acer Predator X27 Bmiphzx 27-Inch monitor is the best all-around HDR monitor currently on the market.

The Predator X27 is everything any gamer, daily professional editor, moviemaker, or photo editor would want to sit down to every day and complete their daily task. Yes, the price tag is high but as we said, HDR 4k monitors are not for the meek. Crystal colors, fantastic pixel-perfect resolution for the size of the screen, high refresh rate, and fantastic response time make this our choice of the day.

With resolutions high up in the 4k mark, refresh rates in the 140HZ and beyond, your money will be well spent if you are looking for full emersion during your gaming sessions.  The following guide is created to help buyers better understand the market of 4K HDR monitors and make an educated choice when they decide to go for a purchase.

The 7 Best HDR Monitors:

Gaming today is not something that only kids do. Today this is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. In recent years, it has even grossed more money than the movie industry! It is evident that the gaming industry has evolved into a respectable industry that earns an enormous amount of money.

Today, shopping for a new hardware piece does not mean walking in the store and buying the first monitor that you see. There are hundreds of options and hundreds of little things you need to know when buying a perfect monitor for you. 

Gaming hardware is expensive, and you need to do your research carefully before purchase. High-dynamic range is a relatively new technology that will improve your screen capabilities drastically if you buy an appropriate model for you.

We will try to help you by listing our top 7 gaming monitors with HDR support. All of them are well worth their price and perform at the highest level.

1. Acer Predator X27 Bmiphzx 27-Inch HDR Monitor

Size27 inches
Refresh rate144hz
Panel TypeIPS
MBRAMD Freesync, G-Sync Ultimate
Response time4ms

Another hard hitter from the high-end gaming family, the Acer Predator X27 is Acer’s answer to the ROG Swift. Predator is Acer’s gaming division and it is set to deliver the newest, highest and best experience to anyone who is willing to pay the price.

Another professional display with true 4K UHD resolution and an IPS panel perfect for both your professional work and daily gaming needs.

HDR gaming monitors are unique in many ways. Having more pixel density in addition to the 384 individually controllable LED backlight zones makes the picture on the Acer Predator more realistic than one offered by the vast majority of displays on the market.

One big difference, which sets this monitor apart from others, making it especially targeted towards gamers, is the option of controlling the display modes of your game via the monitor menu and these settings will apply for the game you play at a given time, meaning you will not be constantly switching between display modes in and out of games.

In addition, equipped with Nvidia’s Gsync Ultimate technology, you will be able to experience the true high vivid and vibrant colors across any game you play. Alongside the 144Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time, your gaming experience will be taken to a different level.

That said, this is another 4K monitor, which is not made for the meek, but for the ones who want the best of the very best, and while it is still a fantastic gaming-oriented monitor, it also makes a worthy professional display for daily use, so don’t pass it by when looking for an upgrade of your work station.

2. ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ 27-Inch HDR Gaming Monitor

Size27 inches
Refresh rate144hz
Panel TypeIPS
MBRAMD Freesync, G-Sync Ultimate
Response time4ms
ColorBlack and Grey

Republic of Gamers (or ROG) is the Asus gaming branch devoted to improving gaming experiences through different mediums and their new 27’ 4k gaming monitor is their crown jewel.

At first glance, the display seems intimidating from a price standpoint but let us delve into the details. With an IPS panel, this monitor has some of the best colors and viewing angles, which also makes it a quality choice for professional use like editing, design and other tasks requiring vibrant colors and clear imaging.

4k resolution is still relatively new in computer monitors so not too many options are available on the market, especially with this type of panel. The refresh rate of 120Hz and 144Hz with overclocking puts the monitor in the upper echelon for gaming, as you will see almost no blur when engaging in the fast-paced action.

Another feature, which considerably drives the price up, is the relatively low response time of 4ms, which is almost ideal for professional gaming but very hard to come by in an IPS panel display. Nevertheless, one of the major drawbacks is the price.

Furthermore, you should consider how much can you actually get out of this monitor in terms of gaming experience. Modern graphics cards are still a few generations away from maintaining high FPS at 4K resolution. So one thing to ask yourself before buying is “would this monitor cost this much in a couple of years?” Probably not.

And by then who knows at what level the monitor game will be. If you are looking for a fantastic professional display with aggressive gaming lines and a sleek design and have the money to spare, then this 27-inch 4k monitor might be a great choice.

3. ViewSonic XG3220 32 Inch Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic XG3220 32 Inch Gaming Monitor
Size32 inches
Refresh rate60hz
Panel TypeVA
MBRAMD Freesync
Response time5ms
ColorBlack and Red

ViewSonic offers some premium products for a very affordable price. Many people tend to buy products from established gaming manufacturers such as Asus, Acer, or LG. But, ViewSonic products are of the highest quality and can offer even more accessories than your average Asus or Acer. 

The topic of this list is HDR compatibility, but it’s worth mentioning that XG3220 brings a lot more to the table. This is a great sub budget 4K HDR monitor with great image quality with bright and beautiful colors. The image is clear, crisp, and you can view the monitor from all angles.

For this price point, the 60hz and a 5ms response time may not sound too impressive, but this monitor gave excellent results in our tests. Even in the most hardware demanding situations, the image was crisp and without flickering, response time was immediate, without lag, and all was playing smoothly. 

The build quality is also satisfying. It is made of plastic, but it is sturdy and gives the impression that it will last for years. Design is beautiful, minimalistic but blends into the environment of your gaming setup very well. 

The main disadvantage of this monitor is a low refresh rate. We didn’t notice any difference between this monitor and others, but gamers love to flex with their specs. Nobody said that this is the monitor you should consider when you want to go pro, but it is made for casual gamers who want to experience new and exciting technologies.

The thing we like the most about ViewSonic XG3220 is the absurd amount of accessories that you get for its asking price. HDR, 60hz refresh rate, 4K resolution, and 5ms response time will ensure that your gaming experience is at the highest level.

Gaming can be an expensive hobby, especially now when the next generation of gaming consoles and graphic cards are on the horizon. 

High-end monitors are not affordable when we consider all that. This makes the ViewSonic XG3220 the best option for those gamers that want to experience the absolute best that new consoles have to offer at an affordable price range.

4. SAMSUNG LC49RG90SSNXZA 49-Inch CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor

SAMSUNG LC49RG90SSNXZA 49-Inch CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor
Size49 inches
Refresh rate120hz
Panel TypeVA
MBRAMD Freesync2
Response time1ms
ColorBlack and Grey

Today, Samsung is best known for its cellphones and TVs. Many people forget that they are a giant in the field of professional gaming monitors. This is proof that they are still on par with the best of the best on the market.

Samsung CRG9 is essentially a two 27-inch monitor in one. This may sound a little bit quirky and useless, but it does its job very well in reality. Its ultra-wide screen may take some time to get used to, but the payoff is worth it cause it is very useful to see the whole terrain, especially in battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG. 

This is a true gaming monitor. You can tell immediately by its specs. It has a 1ms reaction time, and with your gaming reflexes. They will almost always bring you victory in gunfights or strategies and MOBAs. The only thing that is a little weird is a 120hz refresh rate. 

In reality, it’s more than enough, even for hardcore gamers, but 144hz is the new standard for premium models. You have the 240hz option, but it costs significantly more.

Samsung CRG9 supports AMD Freesync, which makes its screen look even more beautiful, but the main attraction is its widescreen, which you can divide into 2 or 4 monitors. It is great for multitasking, and streamers will love this monitor from Samsung. It gives great multitasking options while providing top-notch performance for gaming.

If you are a hardcore gamer, it might not be the greatest display for you as some games have a hard time looking good on this strange ultra-wide display (though some have the option). You shouldn’t be bound to games based on the display you use.

This monitor’s main disadvantage is that it has a 120hz refresh rate and is awkward for some professional gamers. We loved it, but we understand that some gamers will find it hard to adjust to a monitor this wide. It provides top performance for gamers, but it’s useful in the office, especially if you are a graphic designer.

Finally, the main disadvantage is the size. While it is extremely comfortable to work on this monitor, it takes up plenty of space on your work desk or gaming setup. That can be a problem for some, and you should consider that. 

5. BenQ EW3270U 32-Inch 4K HDR Monitor

Size32 inches
Refresh rate60hz
Panel TypeVA
Response time4ms
ColorBlack and Grey

BenQ is another great company, which knows exactly how to please any customer, and the EW3270U is probably one of the best products out there to do so because it is a monitor covering all your needs at any point in time.

Time to take it down a notch and look at a contender marketed as an entertainment 4K monitor and it delivers exactly what it promotes. This display comes with a VA panel, putting it right in the middle of the monitor ladder with only the IPS being greater but also at a greater price.

The resolution stays the same but the refresh rate is lower. You might think this is bad, but as we mentioned, for gaming especially, it is very hard for last generation graphics cards to deliver high resolution at high refresh rates without lag and screen tears, so BenQ did their homework here.

They know how to save you money, while still delivering a great gaming experience. The response time still stays at 4ms, which is perfect for movies, gaming, and tasks required. Combined with the flicker-free technology, staring at this HDR monitor for hours on end would not be such a strain on the eyes.

Another feature, which some might neglect at first glance, is the Brightness Intelligence one which is easily accessible through the HDR button at the bottom right corner and makes the BenQ intuitively monitor and adjust the brightness of the screen depending on the light in the room you work in.

In addition, the Smart focus feature lets you focus more light on a certain part of the monitor, for example when watching a video, and darken the outer parts, so you get that stand out experience.

Finally, having 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut makes this monitor a great solution for editors of any kind if they can’t afford the higher-priced IPS panel monitors but still want to be present fantastic results.

Aside from the panel type, low refresh rate, and basic design, BenQ has marketed this display almost flawlessly to accommodate every user looking for a monitor or multiple displays set up to be happy with their purchase.

6. Samsung Electronics CHG90 Curved HDR Gaming Monitor

Size49 inches
Resolution3840 x 1080p
Refresh rate144hz
Panel TypeSVA
MBRAMD Freesync 2
Response time1ms
ColorBlack and Grey

Samsung never shied away from innovating and going all out on a project they see as the next best thing and for some users, this might be it. The Samsung CHG90 curved 4K monitor is a total unit of a monitor.

If you ever thought of having a dual 27’ monitor setup, this is the same but without the frames between the two monitors. People might think of it as a pun but this display does bring “a lot to the table”.

144Hz refresh rate makes transitions smooth and fast without any blurring and smudging. 1ms response time makes sure that even at this resolution the most avid gamers will get the action they intend as soon as they press a button.

AMD Freesync support makes games even smoother. Eyecare is considered with the option of setting the monitor to different styles based on the task, but honestly, none of these compare to the utility, which this monitor brings, with the massive screen size, which in some cases can even work as a 4-display setup for your workstation. Even with all these great benefits, there are many details to consider if you want this 4k monitor.

If you are a hardcore gamer, it might not be the greatest display for you as some games have a hard time looking good on this strange ultra-wide display (though some have the option), you shouldn’t be bound to games based on the display you use.

Another crack in this monitor’s resume is the not so true 4kHD resolution as the ultra-wide display is 3840×1080 and not 3840×2160 pixels. For the hefty price you would pay, you will not get the result you are looking for.

Lastly, if you are considering this monitor, make sure you have enough space on your desk as the stand is quite big and the display weighs a good 33 pounds. While a Fantastic choice to replace a multiple monitor setup for daily work and long hours in front of the screen, Samsung has some tweaking to do before they make their next ultra-wide 4k HDR monitor a good choice for gamers and editors.

7. LG 27UK850-W 27-Inch UHD HDR Monitor

Size49 inches
Refresh rate120hz
Panel TypeVA
MBRAMD Freesync2
Response time1ms
ColorBlack and Grey

If you are feeling like one huge display or top of the mountain isn’t something you are necessarily looking for but still, want to enjoy a 4K resolution on a monitor to go about your daily tasks, LG has you covered.

With a classic design, clean lines, a lot to offer and an alluring price tag, the 27UL850 is a great casual choice for your Ultra HD needs. The IPS panel makes sure you have 100% coverage of the sRGB spectrum and you are sure to experience vibrant and accurate colors if you are a photo or clip editor, or into design and movie editing.

The display has a good dynamic range to make the whites brighter and the blacks darker (more than ordinary monitors do). Even though the response time is slow, you can still engage in some casual gaming and, with the FreeSync technology included, no screen tares will spoil your fun.

Another great feature is the Game Mode, which lets you have presets for your favorite games without compromising your display outside of the game, so whenever you are done playing, you can jump right back into your normal viewing settings.

LG’s on-screen software also allows for split-screen control which lets you incorporate 2 displays into one, and even more, if you consider a dual display setup, you can make a 4 screen setup for your workstation.

This monitor is a great deal for the price offered and, even though it falls off in response time and refresh rate, makes a great choice for a daily user who loves watching multimedia on their computer, occasionally game and mainly spend their time looking at the screen.

What to look for when buying a HDR monitor

We covered a lot in this article and hopefully made you aware of some top picks when it comes to high-end displays but there are plenty more options to choose from and details to be informed of, so continue reading below as we have compiled a buyers’ guide to help you in your next purchase.

HDR Standards (What is HDR?)

As we are discussing HDR monitors, it is key to know what HDR is. High dynamic range is the range between your darkest black and the brightest white your screen can produce. Technology today is not as good adjusting these tones as the human eye. Imagine a still image and taking a picture in the morning, midday and evening, then fusing all three pictures together so that you can see the best of the shadows and the best sun rays thrown in the picture.

This is what HDR tries to work within technology; however, it tries to do it on the go while we keep looking, working, gaming and moving. Now here is the kicker. There are three dynamic range standards out there – HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG.


While HDR10 is the most common amongst all, it uses static data from what game, movie, clip or task you are about to do, to figure out the bright and dark patterns for the whole experience.

Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision, on the other hand, uses dynamic data. This allows displays with Dolby Vision to experience every scene from a movie, for example, much closer to what we would see with our own eyes if we were there on the spot.


The third standard is HLG, which you can find being used by a lot of online and streaming services like YouTube or satellite TV. The upside to this format is mainly for the broadcasters because it is supported by almost every medium, so you would not need an HDR or Dolby Vision display to view the content, although you would not be able to experience the same quality.

Control Features

If you are looking for a high-end display like a 4K HD monitor, make sure there are enough presets and features, which let you switch between different visual modes.

Gaming, working, or just watching a movie on your new monitor, there are plenty of settings, which help you get back to standard when you are done.

Most high-end HDR monitors have brightness and color settings for different games. Others have templates, which you can easily switch. Do not compromise on utility when you are about to spend a hefty sum of money on a significant piece of technology that would serve you day in and day out.


Which HDR standard is best?

To keep it simple, Dolby Vision is the best quality you can get, with HDR10 coming in a close second and HLG being the last one. That being said, many TVs and soon more monitor models will start supporting all three standards, but at this point, you should still be aware of what you are getting as a workstation display when looking for the best picture quality.

Is an HDR monitor essential for gaming?

The newest HDR models look absolutely beautiful, and the level of graphics that they output is astounding. But, having an HDR monitor is not the only thing you need. 

Your gaming monitor should have at least a 120hz refresh rate and a decent response time apart from HDR. If you have an NVIDIA graphic card, you should look for a G-Sync compatible monitor. Freesync is a standard, but you should always try to unlock your graphic card’s full potential. 


With the new generation of consoles, we will be witnesses to the new standard in graphics. Ray-Tracing, 4K gaming, 60 FPS are all slowly becoming a new standard in the industry. HDR is one of the most important features of them all, and when you go shopping for a new display, make sure to consider buying an HDR-compatible one.   

This article was last updated on December 28, 2022 .

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