LG 27UK850-W 4K HDR Monitor Review

With the game industry constantly pushing the envelope alongside moviemakers, thriving for a unique and stunning gaming experience has been bigger than ever.

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If 10 years ago there weren’t that many good displays to enjoy the outstanding quality of games and movies, nowadays we are in a position wherein order to get the picture your monitor can provide, you first need to invest in a powerful graphics card and computer. The LG 27UK805-W HDR IPS 4K monitor is a prime example of this and, in our review, we will share what makes this product a great purchase.

Key Specifications of the LG 27UK850-W 4K HDR Monitor

Screen Size27 Inch
Resolution3840×2160 UHD 4K
Panel TypeIPS
Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time5Ms
LG 27UK850-W 4K HDR Monitor Specs
  • Professional IPS panel display. The most vibrant colors and true brightness and darks you can find from all panels meant for tasks like editing pictures, videos, design work, and more
  • HDR 10 compatibility. On top of this, at 350 nits maximum, you are sure to experience the brightest whites
  • USB Type-C connectivity. Always a great plus in high-end displays.
  • AMD Freesync. Intended for gamers looking for some screen-tear free gaming and no ghosting when playing high-paced intensive games.
  • VESA mount. For when you are looking for a monitor to hang up on the wall or on a multiple monitor stand.
  • One joystick controls all. Unlike most monitors, there are not any buttons around the whole panel. All settings are controlled with a simple intuitive joystick
  • 4K Resolution. Experience crisp and clean visuals and enjoy every moment spent looking at this screen.

Features of the LG UK850-W UHD IPS HD Monitor

LG’s technology has pioneered the market of television sets and computer monitors for years, with new technologies to enhance the viewers’ experience and every step of the way. Let us have a closer look at this monitor and see what the company decided to put into this high-end professional display.

LG 27UK850-W Design


You cannot argue the design of the LG UK850-W monitor. Clean, sleek, bezels are barely visible, matte stand and back panel. One detail to take into consideration is the wide ellipse base, which might not be ideal for a smaller desk, but still looks mint and would not fault any of the cable management.

LG 27UK850-W Capabilities

Nothing short of exceptional, this monitor’s capabilities are quite alluring for any potential user. With a 99% sRGB color gamut and about 81% Adobe RGB, it is sure to please any professional looking to edit colorful vibrant pictures for work or leisure and any designer who needs a proper color to put on the specifics of their project.

HDR 10 capabilities might not be as wide when it comes to gaming, but if you want to watch a movie and activate HDR, the difference is quite noticeable. When it comes to games, there are not many, which are able to utilize HDR technology yet, but if you are passionate about some of the ones, which do, you will be pleasantly surprised by the brightness capabilities of this display.

Sticking to the gamer topic as this product is first advertised as a gaming monitor, AMD FreeSync is available on deck, which helps with screen tearing and ghosting when you play faster-paced games. Furthermore, in order to play at this great resolution on your PC, you would need a powerful graphics card, and, at the same time, console games would play fantastic.

LG 27UK850-W Connections

LG 27UK850-W Connection

Like many other 4k HDR Monitors there are more than enough ports to connect your devices. This monitor comes with one 1.2Display port, two HDMI 2.0 ports, a USB-C port a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, and 1 up and two down USB 3 ports. With the right cable management, you will not even notice where the cables connecting to the ports are.

LG 27UK850-W Additional Features


In addition to all these handy and helpful features, the LG UK850-W gaming monitor has a couple of more tricks up its sleeve.

Portrait orientation is one of them. Easily turn your gaming display into coding or a preprint station by turning the monitor 90 degrees and changing the view from landscape to portrait. This is also a handy feature if you are working with multiple screens and do not have enough space on your desk or need to cascade windows accordingly to your project.

An additional bonus for all gamers out there is the advanced gaming feature. As we said, one joystick button controls all monitor settings. Quickly improve your gameplay by activating the black stabilizer and activating the dynamic action sync for better detail on the black areas and a smoother gaming experience.

When you download the correct drivers for the monitor, you also gain access to the very easy-to-use and incredibly helpful On-screen Control. This way you can adjust the picture, sound, brightness, and any other monitor setting through one simple window at the click of a button.

Speaking of sound, this monitor comes equipped with speakers, and not too many do. Double 5watt speakers with Maxx Audio and you would have no problem enjoying some videos or movies if you don’t want or have speakers or a headset connected.

What We Liked the Most About the LG 27UK850-W

  • Exceptional clarity. Colors on this monitor look extremely clean and even without the extra-low blue light or anti-flicker technology your eyes won’t strain as much
  • Good SDR Contrast. When not utilizing HDR mode, the Standard dynamic range is also very good with bright whites, courtesy of the high nit range, and dark black.
  • FreeSync. Even as a 4k display it is good to have the option of gaming at a lower resolution with no screen tears and smooth scene transitions or even at a higher one besides the probable drop in frame rate
  • 5Ms response time. This is probably the highest you can go when you want a gaming monitor for a hardcore experience but at the same time the quality of the panel being a professional display with good resolution, which makes it worth every penny of the reasonable price tag.
  • Adjustability. We loved the option of being able to switch the orientation of the monitor as much as you like because of the panel’s great viewing angles and it would not matter how you twist and turn it for your comfort.

What We Didn’t Like About the LG 27UK850-W

  • Only 60Hz. If you are looking for a proper competitive gaming display you need to have a better refresh rate than the standard
  • There is not much adjustability, if any, in HDR mode. It is hard enough as it is to adjust Windows to HDR and enjoy it properly and with not too many games having the HDR compatibility, it still is a big decision if you want to go for an HDR gaming display
  • Poor factory settings. You are going to have to play quite a bit with this little joystick button. Going through presets and settings to configure the monitor to the best standards, and though it comes with a good explanation of how to set it up and quite a few presets, it still doesn’t come ready to Plug and Play as it is said.

Would I Buy an LG Monitor?

I would definitely buy an LG monitor as an option I could use as both a professional and a gamer. The LG 27UK850 is both a gaming monitor for professionals and a professional display for gamers. It offers a lot of utility, a clean picture, and beautiful colors, which can get you, immersed in any activity you indulge in.

Final Thoughts

Unlike the ASUS ROG PG27UQ that costs a small fortune, the LG 27UK85 can deliver almost as good of an experience for a pinch of the price. We are quite far from having computers powerful enough to run games in HDR at high frames per second on monitors above 60Hz as it is and, by the time we get there, prices would be far more considerable.

So if you are looking for a monitor at a reasonable price that can put in work as a professional display as well as let you enjoy games day to day, check this one, alongside all other options out there. Just be sure to make an educated decision on your next purchase.

This article was last updated on July 8, 2021 .

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