Can You Use Apple TV With Cellular Data? (Answered)

Wi-Fi has taken over the world in the last decade or so with more and more people moving away from traditional mobile data. Just looking back a few years, many of us were still using mobile data to stream our favorite shows, but now Wi-Fi has made it so much easier in terms of using the internet and streaming.

When it comes to Apple TV, a few adjustments in the settings will enable you to stream using cellular data.

Many people might be frustrated when watching their favorite shows and the Wi-Fi suddenly trips up. While Wi-Fi tends to be more reliable than other forms of internet, you will occasionally run into flaws. This should not stop you from watching your favorite shows, given you have access to your cellular data when needed.

To ensure you are never cut off from streaming again, we have done some research to find out how you can configure your Apple TV settings to enable cellular data. When on default, you might find that your Apple TV would stop streaming when the Wi-Fi cuts out. The same is often true for apps like Netflix.

Can You Use Apple TV With Cellular Data?

With a few basic configurations, setting up your Apple TV with cellular data should not be that complicated. A simple trip to the settings tab would give you prompts that would make this much easier for most people. We have identified how you can use the settings to enable cellular data to work efficiently.

  1. Go To The Settings Section

One thing you would notice on the side of the application is the settings section. The settings section is often where you control the resolution of the display and change some of the viewing settings. However, you might notice another tab called the streaming options, which takes you to internet usage.

  1. Choose Streaming Options

Once you have selected the streaming options, you can navigate to the data usage section. Once you enter, you will find that it is automatically set up to work on “Wi-Fi Only”. You will want to unclick this tab and turn it off, to allow unlimited streaming from any data it has access to. You will notice that your device would switch between mobile data and Wi-Fi.

  1. Choose Streaming Quality

Keep in mind that your mobile data might not have the same speed as your Wi-Fi, this means that lagging is not uncommon when streaming at the maximum resolution. You would want to choose the optimal resolution that works with your cellular data. For many people with 5G devices, streaming at the optimal level of HD would be possible when using mobile data.


Most streaming services work similarly and you don’t need to disconnect the Wi-Fi or change the settings of your device. You can navigate the settings of the application, and simply untick the “Wi-Fi only” box. We would love to know how you have managed to change the settings on your Apple TV to use cellular data.

This article was last updated on October 12, 2022 .

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