What Does TV Static Taste Like? (Answered)

An interesting fact is that some people might be dealing with Synesthesia, which allows them to experience certain senses through different senses. Most commonly, people would hear a word and see color. While no one might want to taste the static of a TV, many of these individuals might do it inadvertently.

According to most reports, TV static tastes like plain seltzer water.

One of the main features of TV static is that it contains carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is one of the main ingredients used in seltzer water and often gives the traditional sparkle we all love. Since carbon dioxide is also rampant in TV static, one can argue that if it was edible, it would have the same taste as sparkling water.

While this might be an abstract concept, some people might want to know if they taste TV static, what would happen. We haven’t tasted TV static, but through the composition of what it is, we can assume what it would taste like if you had to taste it. We will explore exactly how it can taste.

The Taste Of TV Static

Since carbon dioxide is present in TV static, one might argue that it would taste similar to that of sparkling water. However, there are varieties of sparkling water that one can choose from and this relies on various factors like the flavoring and some of the other ingredients often incorporated to make the drink.

However, plain sparkling water is one of the most refreshing drinks on the market today. The main consensus is that TV static would taste similar to that of TV static. If you had to taste TV static, one of the first things you would find is this bland flavor. However, it could often be refreshing for many people to do so.

Unless you physically get some TV static in liquid form, it would be hard to directly determine what it would taste like. For the most part, people suffering from synesthesia would be able to taste this through the senses differentiation they are experiencing. This would give them first-hand experience to see what TV static would taste like.


TV static is all around us and when you have a monitor, you are bound to have access to this. However, very few people would go as far as tasting it. If you happen to be one of the people who do get to taste TV static, we would love to see some of your comments on how you would describe the taste from your point of view.

This article was last updated on October 12, 2022 .

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