Do iTunes TV Shows Expire? (Answered)

If you love iTunes and use it to watch TV, you might be worried that your favorite show will expire before you are done watching it. There is a set policy for this expiration process, and Apple is pretty consistent in how they handle this for both movies and TV. Knowing what the policy is can help you to complete your viewing efforts and make the most of your time on Apple+.

Most iTunes assets like movies and TV shows will provide you with a 30-day window to watch them. You will also get a notice that your rental will be available for only 48 hours if that is the case. Apple makes this process really easy to track and see, which is nice.

What About my Purchased Content?

Purchased content should never expire, but there are things that are removed from time to time due to licensing issues and other concerns. You might find that these purchases are best downloaded externally to retain them just in case Apple changes the contract that they have with a company or a creator.

Apple is one of the content companies that does try and preserve their content for long periods of time, but most things will not be stored on the Apple+ platform for forever. It can be a good idea to back up any purchase that you make just to be sure that you will not lose access to it down the road.

How Many Streams Can I Have With One Apple TV+ Account?

If you have one Apple TV+ account, you can get 6 streams. You might also get a temporary free Apple TV+ subscription if you are using Apple Music student. Make sure that you are not exceeding these limits. Apple will warn you if so.

Apple TV allows you to have 3 simultaneous streams for most channels. Some channels might allow you more than this. You should be able to see the stream limit in the fine print of each asset that you are trying to access. Apple will alert you if you are exceeding the streams that you are allowed. This is one of the perks of this particular streaming service and purchasing service since some other entities are not as transparent as Apple is about this.

Apple Content Is Available for 48 Hours to 30 Days in Most Cases

If you have rented content from Apple, you will usually have 48 hours to 30 days to be able to enjoy this content before it is considered expired. Be sure to download purchased content onto an external storage drive to prevent issues with recovery if there is a change in Apple’s agreement with a content creator. You will be able to check on the status of the rented items that you have in your Apple account with ease, and you should be able to stream simultaneously with 6 unique streams.

This article was last updated on January 23, 2023 .

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