Does Playing On A Smaller TV Help? (Answered)

When it comes to gaming, the question of which monitor is the best is one that many people often ask. With so many different monitors and TVs available, it is hard to determine, which of them would be the best. Some prefer bigger monitors, whereas others might rather use a smaller TV when playing games. Both of these can have different results.

The main reason that gamers often prefer the smaller monitor is due to the PPI and refresh rate. Since these monitors might have a good resolution for a small size, they have a higher Pixel Per Inch or PPI. Essentially, this would increase the sharpness and the quality of the overall image. 

Before you buy a new monitor, you should consider reading the rest of this article. We will look at why many gamers prefer to go smaller, which might often help them with gaming. It could even ensure that they are much faster with certain games. This would allow you to see why some gamers prefer to go smaller instead of bigger.

Why Some Gamers Choose A Smaller TV For Playing

The following benefits are what some of the most experienced gamers often talk about when it comes to monitoring size. If you are looking to buy the ideal monitor, you should consider looking at some of the benefits, which could potentially help you improve your experience and gameplay:

Reduced Lag

Minor lag does not seem to be an issue when watching a movie. However, it could be frustrating when gaming. Since many games tend to be fast, the larger screen takes more time to render the image. This is why the refresh rate on larger screens is often lower than on some of the smaller display systems.

Reduced Head Movement

If you have a large display, you need to move your head around more frequently to ensure that you can see all parts of the screen. In games that require fast actions and movements, this would often be frustrating for the user. The smaller screen would reduce the head movement of the individual.

Image Sharpness

PPI is one of the most important factors when it comes to promoting image sharpness. If you have a good resolution on a small screen, you could reduce the spread of the PPI. Image sharpness is an important factor to keep in mind and you would find clearer and better images when you play on a smaller TV.

Takes Up Less Space

Unless you have a massive gaming room, you would often be limited by available space. The smaller monitor would not require as much space and this would make it much easier to build a gaming system and have additional room.


When it comes to Esports, the smaller monitor seems to be the norm nowadays. It offers faster image rendering and would ensure that you have a great gaming experience. I would love to see in the comment section which size TV you think is best for gaming. 

This article was last updated on November 30, 2022 .

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