How Many Monitors Can A MacBook Air Support? (Answered)

One of the features many people look for when buying a computer is the number of monitors that it could support. Having a PC capable of supporting more than one monitor could be useful for situations of presentation and often gaming. Since Apple is one of the leading brands, the MacBook is one of the most popular PC products.

The number of monitors that a MacBook Air can support will depend on the specific model and the available ports. Some MacBook Air models have a single Thunderbolt 3 port, which supports a single external monitor with a resolution of up to 6K (5120 x 2880). Other models may have additional Thunderbolt 3 ports or a HDMI port, which can be used to connect additional monitors.

In general, the MacBook Air can support up to two external monitors in addition to the built-in display. However, the maximum resolution and refresh rate of the external displays may be limited by the hardware and software capabilities of the MacBook Air.

It is also worth noting that the MacBook Air can use the built-in display in conjunction with an external display to create a “desktop” configuration, where the two displays are treated as a single, larger display. This can be useful for applications that require a lot of screen real estate, such as video editing or graphics design.

Since we know the standard MacBook Air is only capable of supporting one external display out of the box, we should consider the various options that could allow it to support more than one monitor. This article aims to help you uncover how more monitors could be connected to the MacBook Air.

How Many Monitors Can The MacBook Air Support?

The MacBook Air M1 and M2 are slightly different when it comes to internal features and software. However, the hardware and design of these laptops seem to be very similar. Both of these devices can only support a single external monitor

Due to the nature of the Silicon M1 and M2, you will find a few limitations when they are compared to the previous generation of Intel-based options, which could have as many as 3 docking stations or hubs.

You will find that the MacBook Pro and Max alternatives are designed to support more than one external display. However, they also tend to be much more expensive than their counterparts in the MacBook Air.

How To Add More Monitors To Your MacBook Air?

There are two main workarounds if you want to use more monitors on Your MacBook Air. These workarounds are very simple to use and often you don’t need to make significant software or hardware changes to run them. Here are the two most common methods:

DisplayLink Driver

The first one would be to use the DisplayLink driver option and you will simply need to install the driver. Once done, you can connect your MacBook to any dock like the different Thunderbolt docking stations or a USB-C Hub.

Dual HDMI Adapter

The final thing would be to consider a dual HDMI adapter. This is probably the easiest route you could choose and it should be the simplest. You only need to plug it into your MacBook and you should be able to connect more than one monitor. However, you might need some software installation and the HyperDisplay app could be an option.


The MacBook Air is one of the most popular PC options on the market today. It might have a few limitations, but numerous workarounds should enable you to set it up as desired. Let us know in the comment section how you have gone about setting up your MacBook Air to accommodate more than one driver.

This article was last updated on December 17, 2022 .

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