How Many Monitors Does MacBook Air Support? (Answered)

The MacBook is one of the leading laptops on the market today and with an impressive design system, it often allows users to run complex programs and systems without issue. The quality of MacBook support features for monitors has significantly varied over the last couple of years with different features and adapters being introduced.

If we look at the new MacBook Air base model, we will notice that it can only support one monitor at a time and this might cause some frustration for many owners. However, Apple has come to the forefront with adapters like the Thunderbolt 3, which accommodates a wide variety of adapters. This would allow people to connect up to 4 external monitors.

With most Macs only allowing for a single external monitor to be connected, many people might be wondering how they could overcome this. The aim of this article is not only to address the number of monitors the base MacBook Air can accommodate but to look at a few things you can do to make it more efficient.

How Many Monitors Can A MacBook Air Support?

Unfortunately, most of the MacBook Air options only feature the option of connecting a single monitor to the system. You should keep in mind that since the introduction of the M1 processor, which Apple is currently using, the different numbers of monitors, which can be accommodated have significantly varied.

How To Connect More Monitors To Your MacBook?

With these limitations, many third-party officials have found ways to circumvent these frustrating issues, and nowadays, you can find a variety of external USB features that would allow you to possibly connect more than one monitor to your system. 

The introduction of the Plugable UD-3900 docking station would give you the same functionality as many of the DisplayLink features that are recommended for the MacBook Air. Once connected, you can easily connect more than one monitor, often two monitors to your MacBook when needed.

Even with the introduction of the new M2 processors that Apple is including in the new MacBook Air, you will also find that they only can support one monitor. Essentially, you will need to rely on external third-party features to ensure that you could connect more than one monitor. 


The MacBook is highly regarded as one of the best options for those planning to buy a new laptop, but the limitations of the monitors can be frustrating. With the right technology and third-party features, you could connect up to four external monitors to your MacBook Air. However, we would love to read your comments on how many you have connected.

This article was last updated on November 23, 2022 .

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