How Many Monitors Does Mac Mini M1 Support? (Answered)

MacBooks are some of the best current laptops on the market today and even though they come at a steep price, these monitors can often work best for playing games, which require higher graphics and processing speeds. However, we often want to connect numerous monitors to the laptop to enhance the viewing experience. 

Unfortunately, the Mac Mini M1 can only support one external monitor, which often limits many users to the bare minimum. Many users often try to find various ways and methods to add more monitors to the display, which can enhance viewing capabilities and ensure that you have wider screens when need be.

Does Mac Support Multiple Monitors?

While the Mini M1 lacks the capabilities of supporting more than one monitor, some of the more expensive and high-end MacBooks will enable you to support more and more monitors. The M1 Pro and M1 Max are some of the best examples and these laptops can support multiple external monitors when need be.

However, the M1 Mini is significantly limited and this means that owners will only be able to support a single external display. Even when looking at the M2, we find that it is bound by the same limitations as the M1. This means that you will only be able to support a single monitor with both of these devices, when in use.

How To Circumvent The One Monitor Limitation?

As mentioned, there are numerous ways around this and many people have discovered a few great tips and tricks that would help to connect more monitors to their MacBooks in times when they have to. You will generally find that there are two workarounds, one being the hub/adapter workaround and the other being software.

Software Workaround

The software workaround is one of the most complex and often involves installing different third-party drivers. Unfortunately, not all Macs will be compatible with these workarounds and you always run the risk that future updates might not be compatible with these workarounds either. You would still need to buy at least one adapter as well.

Hub/ Adapter Workaround

The adapter workaround is one of the better options and does not involve any complex or even dangerous drivers being installed on your MacBook. You would need to buy a dual HDMI adapter, which would require some tinkering to the system. However, it is much safer and instead of having a variety of software configurations or drivers, you could rely on the hardware if need be.

Which Workaround Do We Recommend?

It is best to consider the adapter workaround due to the ease of use and the limited risks. You can easily set up the adapter to accommodate almost every monitor and the adapters are readily available. If you rely on the software method, you might find that the software you are choosing does not necessarily work after a few updates.


Setting up your MacBook M1 Mini with numerous monitors might seem like it could be impossible. However, the various options you have would make it much easier and more functional for you to do so. You can heavily rely on your MacBook to ensure you have optimal performance and the adapters will enable the connection of numerous monitors.

This article was last updated on November 7, 2022 .

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