What Is Motion Blur Detection? (Answered)

Video games like racing games and other games that often focus on speed might be slowed down when you are playing the game. However, motion blur is one of the features that would enable you to have similar realism, while also improving the quality at which these high-speed scenes would appear on your TV or monitor.

What Is Motion Blur Detection? The idea of motion blur is that you can add it to some of your high-speed games like most racing games. It would essentially improve the realism and the sense of speed, which brings it to a more realistic setting. It would also smooth out game appearances if the game is running at around 30 frames per second.

This small article aims to help you better understand motion blur detection and why it would be one of the best features that you could add to your games. Since it is challenging to add motion blur to your existing engine, we have created this article to show you why and how it is possible to increase your gaming experience.

Why Do You Need Motion Blur Reduction?

One of the most frustrating things you can deal with is the blur of the motion of your gaming experience. Due to the blur, it can make it significantly harder to see and make out various objects within the game. 

The motion blur detection feature would detect the blur on the screen from certain objects or even the speed when it comes to racing games. It would focus on enhancing the image, which means you will not have to deal with the pixilated view when you do encounter this blur effect.

The main idea is that it would reduce the blur seen in movies and during game activities, which gives you an edge. In battle games like Call Of Duty, it would render the images in full and ensure that you can effectively look at these images.

What Affects Motion Blur?

Motion blur often occurs when the refresh rate of the graphics card does not refresh fast enough to display the frames that the game would require. It would often lead to the user seeing double images. These images are the current image and the next image that is currently being rendered. Due to the overlay, it would create a blur.

Motion blur detection would help to automatically detect the blur instead of you having to manually make these adjustments. It would detect the areas where the blurriness is taking place and this would allow it to direct the computing to that specific area.

As mentioned, it plays a vital role in fast-paced games and would enable the images to render completely before the next one start showing up. It is important when dealing with games that only refresh at 30 FPS.


If you like playing games that render images fast and often require fast rendering, motion blur detection is one of the features you need. Not only will it reduce the blurriness of certain games, but can give you a better sense of speed and realism when playing.

This article was last updated on November 23, 2022 .

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