When Will Monitor Prices Drop? (Answered)

While monitors are an effective tool to use for work and play, we all know how expensive they can be when you have to buy them. Adding to that the prices of your PC, you could be looking at a few thousand dollars to set up everything and have your monitor running in the optimal condition for work or play. 

We are all looking to save a few bucks whenever we can and this means buying a monitor when the prices are at the lowest. From what we have noticed, buying a new monitor during January and February seems to be when prices are the lowest. You might be able to get a few great specials, but let’s not forget about the specials throughout the year. 

When Should You Buy A Monitor?

When it comes to buying a monitor, there are a few months throughout the years when you could find impressive deals and savings. If you want to buy a top-of-the-line monitor, you probably won’t find them at discounted prices. However, many older models can be found at cheaper prices during the following months.

  • January: January is a great time for shopping and many shops are restocking. This means you could find incredible discounts on some of the older stock models. The main goal is that manufacturers would want to get rid of older stock.
  • February: If all the stock has not been moved yet, February would be another great time of the year for you to buy a new monitor and you would find that the prices could be cheaper. It is also close to Super Bowl time when TV often goes on specials.
  • October: The festive season often starts early and many suppliers would run specials during October to help when it comes to the festive season rush.
  • November: November is a great time for shopping and you might often find Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals when looking for a new monitor. Many suppliers would tap into the marketing hype surrounding these days.
  • December: Buying things before Christmas is often another great time for shopping and many shops would offer you specials and deals to move stock, especially as we get closer to Christmas and stock remains.

While these months are often the best for finding a new monitor, numerous months throughout the year would also offer you great deals. You could simply subscribe to the newsletters of many suppliers and they would send a newsletter with new specials. These specials are often accompanied by cheaper prices and sometimes great add-ons.


You can find a cheap monitor throughout the year and if you are willing to settle for some of the older models, it would also help to keep the price down. It is rare to see brand-new models at discounted prices before the January sell-offs. Let us know when you saved the most whilst buying your favorite monitor.

This article was last updated on November 3, 2022 .

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