Who Invented The Monitor? (Answered)

We all use monitors for work and play in the modern era. However, very few people would know who invented the monitor and what the motivation behind the monitor would be. While this does not affect anything and monitors have significantly improved over the last decade, it is interesting to see why and what the motivation was.

The first monitor ever created was designed by Karl Ferdinand Braun, who introduced a fluorescent screen to a cathode ray tube and he could use his expertise in physics to easily make the adjustments and ensure that the monitor would display. The first monitor ever created was sometime in the early 20th Century.

How Was The First Monitor Invented?

Ferdinand was renowned for his research in electricity and find out ways to manipulate electrical currents to create new inventions. Through his experiments, which included electromotive force and reversible galvanic elements, he could calculate how to design the cathode ray tube.  He later also designed the Cathode-Ray Oscillograph.

Once these inventions were complete, Ferdinand connected a fluorescent display to the Cathode-Ray Oscillograph and the screen would display visible light when it was struck by electrons. The cathode ray tube was integrated as a way to display texts and graphics, which often worked for data processing.

Finally, Boris Rossingf, who was a renowned Russin Scientist would take CRT to receive a television system. He used a mirror-drum scanner, which included a camera at the end of the system. The main idea is that it would display transmitted patterns on the television screen and this is how the first CRT systems were born.

What Did The First Monitors Look Like?

The first monitor is said to have looked like an industrial cabinet with a screen. The screen could have been either flat or curved. It would include a non-reflective coating, which reduces the glare from the screen, and a video input signal. The industrial metal cabinet surrounding the components would ensure that everything is efficiently protected from possible damage.

These monitors only used a video input signal, which means that people could use a camera to record certain videos or take photos. These would then be displayed on the monitor and serve as a television monitor. Nowadays the monitor has significantly improved in overall quality and design.


The first monitors were designed to only display the basic elements of what we see today. With no frequencies set up for the monitor, the television was not yet ready to be used. Nowadays, there are numerous different monitors that you could find and all of these monitors have various features.

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