Can I Stop My Monitor from Entering Power Saving Mode?

The monitor is one of the most useful tools in your arsenal and it is designed to simplify life and give you a bigger screen to work and communicate. However, a monitor, which constantly enters power-saving mode might cause some frustration and you might need to figure out how you can stop it from entering power-saving mode.

The simplest way to stop your monitor from entering power saving mode would be to click on settings and find the power settings of your monitor. Once you have reached the power settings, you will toggle the power saving mode to off. This would keep the monitor operating at the optimal level throughout your usage.

Why Does A Monitor Enter Power Saving Mode?

The main reason for your monitor to enter power saving mode is to use the mode to consume power when the monitor is inactive. Manufacturers believe that if the monitor is idle, the user does not need the full power of the monitor and this would reduce the consumption to only keep the bare minimum of features working.

However, many users report that the monitor would enter power-saving mode when they are busy. This would mean that while the user is still busy using the monitor, the message; “This monitor is entering power saving mode” would appear. There could be various reasons for entering power saving mode like the following:

  • Whilst Using An External Monitor: If there are a few issues with the monitor communicating with your PC, it might not receive the correct commands. This might mean that the monitor would enter power-saving mode to preserve energy consumption.
  • Graphic Card Issues: If you have a defective graphics card, the monitor might enter power-saving mode as a way to preserve the monitor. The best solution would be to fix or replace your graphics card.

If your monitor enters power saving mode, the effect is not directly felt on the monitor itself. However, when the monitor enters power saving mode, it would affect some of the other components on your PC. This could make your PC operate slower than it would operate otherwise.

How To Prevent My Monitor From Entering Power Saving Mode?

The only real way to prevent your monitor from constantly entering power saving will be to toggle the settings, which are related to power saving mode. You would have to navigate the power setting via the control panel and find the power settings. You can force the monitor to stop entering power-saving mode by simply toggling a few settings.

I would also suggest giving your connections an overhaul to make sure that you do not have any loose connections you are dealing with and to ensure that everything is securely fixed or tightened. It would often only need a few connection checks to make sure that everything is back in working order.


Dealing with constant power-saving mode would be very frustrating for users. However, you could easily fix these problems with a few connection checks and a few setting changes. If you have ever dealt with a monitor constantly entering the power-saving mode, let us know in the comment section how you fixed the issue.

This article was last updated on November 24, 2022 .

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