The 10 Best Monitors for Watching Movies

This article is all about bringing you closer to the vast pool of monitors with narrower usage in the silver screen world. Most of these monitors are carefully selected to cover more practice in other multimedia. But, the most prominent accent we put for the best monitors for movies. So, let’s dive into our list of the ten best monitors for watching movies.

In my opinion, the best monitor for watching a movie is the Samsung C34H890WJU 34″ LED LCD Monitor because it combines all of the best monitors for watching movies together. It is comprised of all of the best technologies from almost every monitor from our list.

The 10 Best Monitors for Watching Movies:

1. Samsung 32″ UJ590 UHD Monitor

Samsung 32" UJ590 UHD Monitor
Resolution4K UHD, 3840 x 2160p
Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time4ms

To begin our list, we would like to start with the best-budget-quality solution with this nice Samsung 32″ UJ590 UHD monitor capable of covering most of your needs. UHD 4K resolution is ready with the support of 60Hz and 4ms response to bring pictures from your smartphone or movie videos to life. If you grow passion toward gaming, all game releases with the support of 4k resolution will fairly shine on your screen.

Monitors often have difficulties playing movies and give good feelings, especially those of old HD resolutions. Nowadays we have at reasonable and quite often a low price to buy movie monitor like Samsung 32″ UJ590 UHD and organize ourself a full cinema night which was beyond dreams back then.

2. Lenovo Q27h-10

Lenovo Q27h-10
ResolutionQHD (2560 x 1440)
Refresh Rate75Hz
Response Time4ms

At a somewhat higher price, you can get Lenovo Q27h-10 monitor, which is characterized by a 27’’ display that is not a standout feature. Still, a feature that highlights this display is the stunning 1,07 billion colors. This amount of color attendance gives quite an impact to any media you put through. Solid QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution is ready and stable.

Lenovo Q27h-10 can freely tag another name as a movie monitor for a reasonable price. Compering to the mentioned Samsung UJ590 UHD from up above, a refresh rate of 75 Hz will induct even more performance and significantly more fluid gameplay with a high refresh rate demanding games. With also a response time of 4ms, it will deliver a stable image with unnoticeable latencies. Built-in speakers of 3W complete Lenovo Q27h-10 and make it ready for instant use.

3. Philips Brilliance 279P1 27″ Frameless Monitor

Philips Brilliance 279P1 27" Frameless Monitor
ResolutionUltraClear 4K UHD 3840×2160
Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time4ms

With this model, we try to raise a bar one more tier in overall specs and pay attention to design and practice. Philips Brilliance 279P1 27″ Frameless Monitor contains in his name a design detail that on first look gives an impression of something new and modern. The almost borderless screen is projecting more ‘’cut’’ images and resembling a 3D effect.

Also, charming the UltraClear 4K UHD 3840×2160 resolution is followed by 1.06 billion colors and an IPS panel for wide-viewing angles. In total, we have one omnipotent monitor that can be adapted for many needs. A wide-viewing angle enables a bigger audience, and they will see all those colors from their point of view. Solidly 3W built-in speakers are ready to go.

4. LG 34WN780-B UltraWide™ QHD Ergo IPS HDR Monitor

LG 34WN780-B UltraWide™ QHD Ergo IPS HDR Monitor
ResolutionUltraWide QHD (3440 x 1440)
Refresh Rate75Hz
Response Time5ms

This monitor will widen your point of view. For many people, when they experience ultrawide monitors, they never go back. It gives a whole new perspective to the content that you are watching. Movies will genuinely represent the silver screen feeling, and UltraWide QHD (3440 x 1440) display will work its magic. With a quality Ergo stand, you can easily adjust and tilt your perspective because it has all the tilt abilities you need, whether sitting or standing.

Panoramic view with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and high-performance features to push productivity to new frontiers. While it will transform and enhance the multimedia, it will virtually create more space on your desktop, and you can even split the screen to make two active desktops. This  IPS screen will significantly come in hand for designers, and it will induct workflow in creating their content. Our opinion is that many will face a dilemma about watching a movie or playing their no.1 game. 

5. Acer ConceptD CM3271K 4K Monitor

Acer ConceptD CM3271K 4K Monitor
Resolution4K 3840 x 2160 IPS Radeon FreeSync
Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time4ms

Acer ConceptD CM3 is a tool for most users for detailed representation of color gamut. A lot of designers love this product, but what we saw in this monitor? Intense color and brightness will blow away those who pay much credit to the picture’s quality but still do not have enough space for the bigger screen. Yes, that’s right, Moviephiles, we are talking about you.

This compact monitor is a dream solution if you are restricted with space and need a smaller powerful solution. It does genuinely represents movie content whether you are watching high-end titles or relax with an oldie. It shows an authentic picture and looks quite genuine with protruding borders of the screen.

The palette of colors is fantastic and catches the eye with a stunning Adaptive Contrast Management ratio of 100,000,000:1. 4K 3840 x 2160 IPS Radeon FreeSync is half of the technology behind this screen, and the other half is VESA Display HDR400 for ultimate stabilization. Acer ConceptD CM3 also comes with built-in speakers with a power output of 4W but possesses all of the inputs needed for any audio system preferred.

6. LG 32BL75U-W 32″ LED LCD Monitor

LG 32BL75U-W 32" LED LCD Monitor
Resolution4K UHD 3840 x 2160 LED LCD Radeon FreeSync
Refresh Rate120Hz
Response Time4ms

In the previous product review, when we talked about the Acer ConceptD CM3 monitor, we highlighted watching movies as an ideal solution for small apartments and places. With LG 32BL75U-W 32″ LED LCD Monitor, we want to show you few extra inches of more advanced and detailed images of the same technology concept. VESA Display HDR600 is here to stabilize and contain workflow with the most demanding tasks you put this monitor through.

Movies will shine on this one as gaming as well. The fast refresh rate will induct up to fluid 120 fps and bring a whole new dimension in watching movies and playing games. Radeon FreeSync™ technology virtually eliminates noise and distortion. And, it will bring joy to the gamers playing the latest console and PC games with full excitement as the sound surrounds them from the 5W stereo speakers.

7. BenQ EW3280U 32 inch 4K Monitor

BenQ EW3280U 32 inch 4K Monitor
Resolution4K UHD 3840×2160 LED LCD Radeon FreeSync
Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time4ms

Experience even more gamut color and full scale of contrast with more packed smart technologies that behave intelligently interacting through different contents. Proprietary HDRi influences HDR content with intelligent control, perfecting clearness, and brings a bright palette of colors for game or movie nights. FreeSync and Super Resolution frame by frame improve video or image content.

An exciting feature is a 2.1 channel built-in sound system with a high-quality audio frequencies range and a 5W subwoofer. Fine built-in installment until the right solution is found because this 2.1 system is fantastic, but it lacks strength for some more power-demanding customers. Attribute with low Blue light technology and

without flicker display. Industry-leading brightness Intelligence Plus technology delivers precise details in any ambient lighting surroundings.

8. ViewSonic VP2785-4K 27 Inch 4K Monitor

ViewSonic VP2785-4K 27 Inch 4K Monitor
Resolution4K UHD 3840×2160 SuperClear IPS
Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time4ms

Here we have one more work-dream device. Many monitors we shared with you are indeed ideal for any professional content management. But the secret to getting a good quality movie monitor lies in all these specs that designers are chasing. Precisely because of the specifications that they are after will bring your movie picture to the maximum.

All content managers chase the more detailed image display and search for more powerful and potent monitors in their world. It is an excellent lead to consider in searching for the best monitors for watching movies. Quick and easy calibration, color accuracy spaces, the smooth palette of 4. 39 trillion colors, HDR10 content support, productivity-boosting features are just a part of the excellent specifications that this monitor possesses.

9. Dell UltraSharp 32 4K USB-C Monitor – U3219Q

Dell UltraSharp 32 4K USB-C Monitor - U3219Q
Resolution4K UHD 3840×2160
Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time8ms (normal) ; 5ms (Fast) – (gray to gray)

Now we will switch to Dell and see one more suitable monitor for watching movies. Dell UltraSharp 32 4K USB-C Monitor is one reliable standard product with whom you can’t make a mistake. We can remember back in the days that Dell was one of few innovative companies and was always with leading novelties.

The world’s first 31.5” 4K Ultra HD monitor is packed with VESA certified DisplayHDR 400i that intelligently instructs HDR content and gives full playback support. Like we already spoke about this HDR gadget, this ultrasharp bad boy got it all covered. Movies will look fantastic and represent it with full radiance.

10. Samsung C34H890WJU 86.4 cm (34″) LED LCD Monitor

Samsung C34H890WJU 86.4 cm (34") LED LCD Monitor
ResolutionQHD Ultra Wide 3440×1440
Refresh Rate100Hz
Response Time4ms

OK, we save bast for the last. This beauty is the beast. We would like to represent you by our best choice. Samsung C34H890WJU LED LCD Monitor has a cinematic aspect ratio of 21:9 with the finest materials and technologies used during the crafting process. Everything on this monitor is the last word of technology, and it justifies a high price because you get what you paid for, and you will regret nothing.

Movies and series will experience their peak when you tune all the specs powered with capable and robust hardware for pushing limits. The remarkable palette of 16.7 million colors with a fast 4 ms response will almost instantaneously bring all of the image’s potentials. This Samsung monitor will endure your fun and will always once again revive your video and picture memories. Movies will look the best they ever were and placed an irremovable standard for movie time.


Can you watch movies on a monitor?

Yes, and some of them will blow you away with the cinematic resemblance.

Which monitor is best for watching movies?

On our list, we have a winner, but it is generally hard to find and say which one is.

What is a monitor used for?

The monitor is also known as a video display terminal and has an abbreviation of VDT, which stands for Video Display Unit and serves as a projector of all sorts of text and multimedia content generated through the computer video card.


Monitors are widely used in the business and gaming sector as this is where it is the most represented. But we are sure that you catch all of the highlights that we gathered together in this article of 10 best monitors for watching movies. It is hard to say which brand is the movie monitor brand, but we know one thing for sure.

If you intend to buy a good monitor for the film, always look from the professional point of view critics and keep an eye on what designers and video content managers are chasing. They are up for the best quality out there and an excellent lead to follow. In our list, as products go down one by one, so we present a model that is somewhat better than the last one, and at the end, we come to our favorite and the best one by our choice.

We conclude that all ten monitors combine all of the desires and needs of all customers. You just have to pick one that suits you.

This article was last updated on July 19, 2023 .

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