Can A Monitor Cause A PC To Freeze? (Answered)

If you are constantly dealing with a frozen PC or if your PC keeps crashing unexpectedly, you might be seriously concerned about what could be causing these crashes to happen. You might be wondering can a monitor cause a PC to crash and how does it cause the PC to crash.

It is possible that an incorrect or incompatible monitor could cause a PC to freeze. However, the likelihood is uncommon!

This brief article aims to look at whether the cause of your PC crashing can be traced back to the monitor. We will look at whether the monitor can have an effect on your PC crashing and how you can prevent this from happening.

How The Monitor Can Affect Your PC

The monitor is simply a screen that plugs into your PC and allows you to view whatever you are doing on the PC. It does not directly impact the operating system and the monitor is simply for display purposes only. 

If your monitor is set up correctly, it does not make any sense that it could cause your PC to freeze. It is almost like thinking your TV would affect the console you are playing on. The problem is often the other way around with the console or PC affecting the screen.

How Your Monitor Could Indirectly Cause Your PC To Freeze

We have noticed that people often blame some of the freezing on the display. However, if the display were to affect your PC, it would be in a completely indirect manner. Here are some of the ways that your monitor might indirectly affect your PC and possibly cause some freezes:

1. Adjusted Settings

To achieve a certain graphic level, you might be running your PC at a much higher rate than it should be running at. While this does not come from the display, you are often doing this to enhance the quality of the display on a specific game or program. Since the PC is running at a much higher capacity, it could cause some freezing.

Recommendation: Run your PC at slightly lower than maximum capabilities.

2. Constantly Shorting

If there is a power supply fault with your monitor, it could cause the monitor to be constantly short. If the shorting is happening often, it could affect your PC. Your PC might want to put more performance into having the monitor work, which could affect your PC’s speed and functionality.

Recommendation: Always check your monitor power supply to ensure everything is running as it should.

3. Corrupt Driver Or Program

The final method that makes it possible is if your monitor is causing some form of an incorrect program or dysfunctional driver to operate. This could take up plenty of memory on your PC and often slow down your operating system. It might even force the PC to freeze at some point or another.

Recommendation: It is best to make sure that everything is working as it should and all drivers are updated.


In essence, your monitor should not have any direct impact on your PC performance. The monitor is designed to enhance the display and allow you to better use the PC with this enhanced display. Let us know in the comment section if we have missed any other ways your monitor has caused your PC to freeze.

This article was last updated on September 14, 2022 .

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