Can A Monitor Have Two Inputs? (Answered)

Ever wondered how you can set up your two PCs and have them run on the same monitor? Many people are unsure if this is even possible and when you ask someone with limited experience, the obvious answer would be NO. However, some monitors might make it possible for someone to run two inputs simultaneously.

Most monitors have more than one input. Unfortunately, you will be restricted to using only one at a time!

If you look at most monitors, you will notice the HDMI input located somewhere on the monitor. It often refers to where the input for your PC or console should be plugged in. However, you might also notice that occasionally, it could have up to three different input areas and this might raise a few questions.

Why Do Monitors Have More Than One Input?

Almost all modern monitors will have more than one input located. The idea behind having numerous inputs is to have people connect numerous devices. You might connect your laptop to one, you could even connect your satellite TV to the other. However, it is almost impossible to use both of these inputs simultaneously.

The two inputs are often designed to simplify life and make it much easier for you to change between your different devices. However, they can only be used separately. 

Can You Display Two Inputs On One Monitor?

You could display two inputs on the same monitor. However, this is reserved for the super-wide monitors and only some of the newer options available. Not only are these very expensive, but you would need plenty of space in your home to make this possible and allow them to work efficiently.

Generally, the monitor would not display the monitors on the same screen configuration. The monitor is often equipped with a feature that enables a split-screen to work. This means that the screen would operate as two independent screens that display different inputs at the same time.

Using a KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) switch is often an additional accessory that should make it possible for you to display more than one computer on the same monitor. It could take some time to set this up, but you should keep in mind that there are various KVM switches and all of them operate differently.

Can You Display Two Inputs On The Same Monitor?

While the standard monitor does not make this possible, there are a few workarounds. It might be expensive, but when you have the right monitor that could independently run two inputs, it should be fine. However, the use of a KVM switch is often another great idea that could help you display two inputs simultaneously.


Displaying two inputs simultaneously could make life much easier. You can do comparisons when presenting two or more things and it often helps with versatility. While it is possible to set up your monitor with two inputs, you would need the right monitor or the right accessories to make this possible.

This article was last updated on September 14, 2022 .

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