Why Does A Monitor Keep Going To Sleep? (Answered)

If you have ever played an important game or watched something interesting on your monitor and it suddenly goes to sleep, you know the frustration and anger that one goes through. Few things can be as frustrating as constantly having to deal with a monitor that needs to turn on when it goes to sleep at important times.

It could be that your sleep settings are active, or some form of corrupt driver settings could be forcing the monitor into sleep mode!

Numerous other reasons could lead to your monitor inadvertently going to sleep, with one of these being connectivity faults that often occur. Additionally, there are other minor issues that we will discuss, but you should try to reboot the monitor or often disconnect it for a few seconds to have it reset and see if this solves the problem.

What Could Cause A Monitor To Fall Asleep?

Since there are hundreds of possibilities that could cause your monitor to inadvertently turn off, we have identified a few of the main reasons that could be at fault for this problem. These are the issues most people often identify first and by troubleshooting them, you could fix the problem without too much effort.

Faulty Connectivity

The first reason is often due to a cable being problematic or not making a good enough connection to the port. This might seem as if the monitor is falling asleep, but it is turning off when the connection does not make contact with the port. You should fix this by readjusting the cables or even replacing the cables.

Software/ Driver Issues

If you have recently installed a new program or drivers on your PC, they might conflict with the monitor connection. The drivers or software might constantly turn off the screen due to conflict happening or preventing one to work. You will need to troubleshoot your drivers and software to find the issue.

External Devices

Another major issue could be due to external connections. Since many people connect numerous devices to their monitor, you might have a conflict when simultaneously trying to use all of them. You should unplug most of these devices and see whether they can be connected one by one to try and isolate the problem.


When it comes to technology, a bug can happen at any point. While there could be a risk of a failing monitor, it is most likely some sort of software glitch that simply needs addressing. A full reset or reboot of the PC and monitor could solve the issue, but this might not be possible for many users. Let us know in the comment section if you have experienced this issue and how you fixed it. 

This article was last updated on September 13, 2022 .

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