Can A TV Break From Being Too Hot? (Answered)

One of the most thoughtful purchases you would make for your home or apartment is often that of a TV. The TV is something you would probably use almost every day and you want to buy one and keep it for many years. However, the question remains of can a TV break from being too hot or extended use. 

Yes, your TV can break from being too hot. The circuitry could fry on the inside of the TV from being on for too long. Additionally, it would also cause damage to the external part of the screen often cracking the screen.

If you are fearful of your TV overheating, you have come to the right place and this article aims to ensure that you can understand what happens to your TV when overheating. We would also look at a few things you can do to ensure that the TV screen does not get damaged and to reduce the influx of constant heat. 

How Does Excessive Heat Affect A TV?

You must understand how the heat would affect your TV, to begin with. The following problems are all likely when you are dealing with an overheating TV and should be symptoms to look out for:

Damaged Pixels

One of the first issues is often that your pixels would be damaged. Once the pixels are damaged, they would not be able to effectively render the image for display. They might also lack the ability to effectively change color. This could lead to a few black spots on the TV. It might also lead to dead pixels on the screen. 

Melted Hardware

We have already mentioned this, but you could be dealing with hardware like the plastic on the TV slowly starting to melt. This would create some damage to the external components on the display and could significantly reduce how the TV works. The burning plastic would be a telltale sign to look out for.

Catching Fire Or Combusting

Another frustrating thing to look out for is that your TV could combust or even catch fire. Once the TV does this, you would be able to see or even smell the fire. TV combustion is much higher than many people would often expect and some TV manufacturers would also warn against this through various statements.

How To Avoid The TV Overheating?

To avoid your TV overheating, you should keep it away from fireplaces and areas in the home with excessive temperatures. We would not recommend leaving your TV near any heating source, which could cause this damage to occur. 


Few people ever experience a TV being damaged by heat. However, the risk is ever-present and you might find that it would have a risk of being damaged when you do not make sure to keep it away from heat. We would love to read some of your comments and find out if you have ever had to deal with a TV overheating and being damaged.

This article was last updated on December 6, 2022 .

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