Can You Show Someone Drinking Alcohol On TV? (Answered)

One of the most common misconceptions is about the consumption of alcohol during TV commercials. The consumption of alcohol on TV is something that many people avoid due to the widespread belief that you would often have some trouble doing so. This leads to the question of whether can you show someone drinking alcohol on TV.

There are no federal regulations, which prevent people from drinking alcohol on TV. It is ultimately, up to the discretion of the people in charge of the commercial when it comes to consuming alcohol on television and this is why many people have their thoughts about the subject.

Rules About Drinking Alcohol On TV

One of the things that the FCC often does is advise producers that drinking alcohol is at the discretion of the producer. The agency would often avoid answering the topic in a bid to have people make their own decisions. Additionally, there are no federal laws, which would prevent people from drinking alcohol on TV. The question is why do people never show someone drinking alcohol on TV:

  1. Supporting The Responsible Alcohol Consumption Laws

Since alcoholism is a big problem throughout the world, most companies do not want to be associated with this issue. There are numerous alcohol support systems in place that would allow people suffering from alcoholism to get help. Most alcohol manufacturers are advocates of drinking responsibly and this is something to keep in mind when drinking on set.

  1. Responsible Marketing

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you need to be responsible when marketing. Since alcohol is something that often warrants responsible behavior, you do not show someone chugging a bottle of beer. This could send the wrong message to consumers and this might even lead to alcoholism, which is why it is never shown.

  1. Protection of Minors

Minors often do what they see and since many ads are run through prime-time viewing, minors are watching these programs. Due to the protection of minors, the producers of these commercials would refrain from showing people drinking alcohol. The commercial is intended to imply the consumption of alcohol, without physically showing it.

  1. Health And Safety

The final point is self-explanatory many people would avoid drinking alcohol due to health and safety violations. There are numerous health and safety codes that people often need to keep in mind and this is the same for commercials. Since many companies support these rules and laws, they prefer not to show someone drinking.


Alcohol commercials are some of the most profitable for broadcasters and they often charge extra for these people to show off their specific drinks. However, some codes and ethics often need to be kept in mind. Let us know if you would like to have producers show people drinking alcohol and why you would want that.

This article was last updated on December 1, 2022 .

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