Do You Tip The Costco Delivery Driver? (Answered)

Whenever you buy something and it gets delivered to your home, it is often a common courtesy to tip the delivery man and make sure that they understand the thanks you have. These people save you plenty of time and effort, but some deliverymen earn good salaries, which begs the question; Do you tip Costco Delivery?

Yes, most people would tip the Costco delivery driver. The tip is often around 5 or 10% but can vary depending on what you are buying. The minimum tip for your delivery driver should be around $2 to ensure that the driver remains motivated to deliver the best possible service. Additionally, the driver would keep 100% of the tip.

Tipping is often a personal thing and some people believe they should tip, whereas other people believe that the driver does get a salary. We must look at some of the fundamentals of tipping, which should help you choose if you want to tip the driver or not. Keep in mind that the choice would ultimately be yours to make.

How Do You Tip The Driver?

There are often two ways in which you can go about tipping your driver. Both these methods would vary and have different psychological effects.

Tipping The Driver On The App

The first method is tipping the driver on the app when you have bought your goods. This would allow you to send a few extra bucks to the driver and the driver is informed of the tip. If they are already tipped, this could motivate them to improve their performance. However, it might also reduce motivation when they are already paid.

Tipping The Driver Upon Delivery

The other method that you can use is physically tipping the driver when your package arrives. This means that upon receiving the delivery, you should be able to tip the driver and this would be a great encouragement for them when it comes to further deliveries.

How Much Should You Tip The Driver?

Another burning question is how much you should tip the driver. Common courtesy would dictate that you tip a minimum of 5%, but nothing less than about $2. However, tipping 10% is often the more acceptable number and most people you ask would also suggest that you do not tip less than 10%.

One thing we should mention is that when you receive excellent service, it is often better to tip more than 10%. Keep in mind that the driver is doing their best to improve delivery quality and ensure you get what you are paying for.


Tipping the delivery guy is one of the most important things you can do. You must help to motivate these drivers to deliver the best possible customer service. Many people might disagree and this is why we would love to take the conversion and debate to the comment section for your thoughts.

This article was last updated on December 6, 2022 .

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