Can the TV Turn on By Itself? (Answered)

There are a variety of reasons why your TV might be turning on by itself. This is not a common issue, but there are some reasons that it might be happening. It can be annoying to have your TV turn on when you don’t want to use it, and it could even wake you up in the middle of the night, which would be less than ideal.

TVs that turn on by themselves have usually been set to do so. This kind of programming is offered with most TVs these days, and you could easily have set up this kind of TV wake-up protocol without realizing it. There are some easy solutions that can help to make sure that your TV doesn’t come on by itself when you want it to stay turned off.

Tv Turns Off By Itself

The first thing that you should do if you are struggling with this issue is reset your TV. You can easily reset most new TVs to their factory default settings. This will remove any programming that has been set up that is causing the TV to wake up at a time when it is not wanted. You can also then reset any wake-ups that you do want your TV to be doing for you that are in timeframes that are what you need.

You should also check the TV cables and connections and disable CEC or HDMI-CEC. This setting allows smart TVs to talk to other technology in the home. In some instances, another smart device in your home might be triggering your TV to turn on when you do not want it on.

If you cannot figure out why your TV is coming on by itself, you might need to contact a professional. There are often support people who can come to your home and check out the function of your TV. In the case of a new TV, there is probably a warranty that came with the TV that will cover someone coming to check out issues with it while it is still under the umbrella of the warranty.

For those who have an older TV that is no longer under warranty, you might just need to hire someone who has a TV repair service to come and troubleshoot. There could be something wrong with the TV that is causing this issue, but it is more likely that there is a setting that needs to be changed to resolve the issue.

If you do want your TV to be coming at specific times of the day, you should be able to check the settings that you used to create these rules in the TV programming. You might just have picked the wrong time or set up an accidental additional program to run that is causing the TV to come on when it should be turned off.

Troubleshooting a TV That Turns on By Itself Can be Easy

There are not too many reasons why your TV might be turning on when it is supposed to be turned off. These simple suggestions for troubleshooting should help you resolve the issue and get back to enjoying the use of your TV whenever you decide to use it. Making sure that you do a factory reset and check on the HDMI-CEC connection can have a big impact on this problem.

This article was last updated on August 29, 2023 .

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