Can You Use TV Coax for CB? (Answered)

Coax is one of the most flexible items out there when it comes to making connections between devices and the internet. You might be shocked at the number of things that coax is actually used for. When you have not set up internet cabling before, you might not have had the occasion to work with this kind of cabling before and might not know what it can do.

CB coax exists, and it is ideal for use with a CB radio. You will need to get a specific kind of coax for this task. Not all coax can be used for this kind of connection. Recognizing the coax that is right for this use is important so that you do not buy lots of coax cables that you cannot use for this purpose.

What Kind of Coax Can be Used for CB?

 PL-259 coax is the coax that you will need to connect to CB radios. This is universal since all CB radios have the same standard type of connection at the back of them. These coax cables have a distinctive barrel/ screw-on type connector that is quite recognizable. This connection style is why you cannot use just any coax cable for this purpose.

This kind of cable will allow you to connect your antenna to your radio. The coaxial cable connection from your radio to the antenna is critical. Without the antenna, your radio is pretty much useless. This is one of the areas where people often struggle to get their CB radio to work reliably. Antenna issues are usually the culprit for so many CB performance issues.

The CB antenna is what receives radio frequencies and then relays them to the transmitter. It also is used to change the signals so that they can be interpreted by the radio operator at both ends. This is why your antenna has to work right, and this is also why you need the right coax for your CB radio setup. CB radios are not used by many industries anymore, but truckers still use them, so there are still parts and cables for sale that will help you make a CB radio setup that works perfectly for your needs.

CB Radios Require Special Coax

Now that you know what kind of coax cable you need for a CB radio, you should have no trouble creating a setup that works for your needs. Looking for the right connector ends or the right style of cable will save you the frustration of having issues with your radio’s performance, and it will also allow you to avoid the frustration of buying the wrong kinds of cables by accident. Using a CB can be easy when you have the right products on hand to set up your system correctly.

This article was last updated on March 2, 2023 .

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