Do Monitors Come With A Cable? (Answered)

When you are out and about buying a new monitor for your PC, the general thought is that all the important cables and components should be in the box. Modern monitors have become heavily evolved in recent years, with numerous methods of connectivity and features that could potentially make them operate wirelessly.

Unless you are buying a unique or extravagant monitor, the average monitors available should have at least and HDMI or VGA cable included!

When it comes to the traditional monitor, chances are that an HDMI cable would be included. However, others will only have the VGA cable in the box. Fortunately, this fact is stated on the box or the website from the manufacturer. You should be sure to check if an HDMI cable is included when purchasing the monitor.

Which Cables Do You Need For A Monitor?

When using a monitor, you will need to make sure you either have a VGA or HDMI cable. Both of these cables make it possible to connect various devices to your monitor. The VGA cable is one of the older cables and has since been replaced by the HDMI cable in many situations. However, some manufacturers could still rely on VGA.

The other cable often included with the monitor is the power supply. However, the power supplies we have seen on monitors are built into the device with a plug that makes it possible to connect it to any power source. 

The main idea is that you have a PC or decoder that can be connected to your monitor and with the right cable, you could have full visuals when it comes to viewing your favorite shows or enhancing the screen size of your laptop. 

In case your monitor does not include one of these cables, you should know that the prices of these cables have dropped off significantly over the last decade. You can find a decent HDMI cable or VGA cable for less than $10, which doesn’t necessitate the need for manufacturers to include them in the box anymore.

Does A Monitor Include Audio Cables

If you have a new set of speakers or a soundbar you want to connect to your PC, you might be wondering if the monitor includes the cables for this setup. Unfortunately, a monitor only includes a display cable and your speaker brand or manufacturer should include the cables needed to connect to your monitor.

Since the HDMI cable can also process sound and transfer the sound from the PC to the monitor, many monitors have built-in speakers. These might not be the best speakers on the market today, but they should allow you to set up your PC or whichever device you prefer to your monitor and have some decent sound for the time being.


Most monitors you can buy will include some form of a monitor. These monitors are designed to give you all the basic tools needed to get you started. For enhanced audio or viewing, you might need to buy a few additional accessories. However, the cable and monitor should not affect fps or the quality of your visuals.

This article was last updated on September 16, 2022 .

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