Do Monitors Need to be Compatible? (Answered)

You might be considering using more than one monitor for your computer, but you are not sure if you can use the various monitors that you have collected over the years to make a single working space. There are lots of items that are related to computer use that requires specific compatibility. This can make it hard to know if all of your monitors need to be compatible with one another for your desk setup.

There are some limitations that can come into play when it comes to the use of various kinds of monitors. You need to be sure that you can create connections with the various monitor styles with your laptop or computer tower. The monitors themselves will not need to have any linked compatibility, but the connections to your computer itself might limit which monitors you can use at the same time as others.

How do I Know Which Monitors Are Compatible With my Machine?

The port style is what makes the biggest difference when it comes to compatibility. You need to be sure that the ports on your machine match the ports on the monitors in question. You can sometimes change out the cables to create connections between different mismatched port types as well.

Often matching up the ports to the monitor connections is as simple as looking at the shape of the plug-ins on the ends of the cables. You will need these to match in order to be able to use the monitor in question with your computer. 

Note that VGA is common on cheaper systems or for business-class setups, and it is not as compatible with other types of connections. These connectors will only carry video and not audio. This is a less-than-ideal addition to the question of the use of different monitors at the same time, and it can mean that the VGA-having devices that you own need to be replaced for convenience. Being able to use monitors and computers which do not require a VGA setup is always beneficial when it comes to compatibility among devices.

HDMI connections are becoming the new normal, and they are very convenient and easy to use. They are also quite compatible with various devices and machines, so they are an ideal kind of connection to have in your overall system.

Monitors Need to be Compatible With Your Machine, Not One Another

You will need to be sure that the monitors that you want to use for your computer setup are compatible with your computer. They do not need to match one another or be from the same company. They just need to have the right connections to work with your computer tower or your laptop. HDMI is becoming the new standard for all such connections, and if you have these ports on your various devices, you should have no trouble using monitors from different makers at the same time.

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