How Easy Is It To Break A Monitor? (Answered)

Whether you have a PC or laptop monitor, chances are that you must have been wondering how easy is it to break a monitor. While most monitors are designed to withstand basic damage from daily life, too much pressure would inevitably cause some damage to the monitor.

Barring any negligence or doing anything out of the ordinary, it should not be that easy to break a monitor!

If you have been wondering how easy is it to break a monitor, we have you covered and we will look at how fragile these PC monitors are when it comes to withstanding daily activities and what might cause them to break within an instance.

5 Things That Could Break Your Monitor

The TV monitor is one of the most useful tools and it is often connected to a PC to enhance the display. A goof monitor should run in full HD, enabling you to easily work or play your favorite games. However, here are five things that could easily break your monitor:

  1. Too Much Pressure

If you are used to pressing on the LED screen, you should perhaps stop. While a little bit of pressure from wiping the screen should not be any cause for concern, some people apply too much pressure. You will notice the colors change in the section where pressure is applied and this could lead to dead pixels.

  1. Dust Inside The Power Supply

While this one is slightly harder to do, you might find that if you don’t clean the monitor often, dust particles could build up near the power source. This could lead to insufficient power going to the monitor or power surges. Power surges might blow your screen.

  1. Impact To The Monitor

If you are moving or simply rearranging your home, you might need to pick up the monitor and carry it around. While this could seem easy, a small bump could be enough to damage the screen. You want to make sure you wrap the display and keep it as protected as possible while moving.

  1. Foreign Objects To The Screen

Another frustration could be foreign objects with sharp points connecting with your screen. Since many of these objects like pencils and pens have sharp and solid points, they could damage your screen or even puncture it. This would disrupt the display and even blow the screen.

  1. Age

Finally, monitors have a set life expectancy and while you can do everything in your power to extend this, you will eventually find that it has run out of life expectancy. The more often you use it, the more you reduce life expectancy. However, an idle monitor is also not good over the longer term. You should be aware of overheating the monitor.


TV and PC monitors are designed to give you a display that enables you to view your content or play games. Unfortunately, they don’t have an infinite lifespan, but they are fragile and can occasionally get damaged. You can easily break a monitor if that is your aim, but we recommend preserving it as much as possible.

This article was last updated on September 15, 2022 .

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