What Does It Mean When Monitor Says Out Of Range? (Answered)

One of the most frustrating things you will notice on your monitor will be when the message, which indicates that it is out of range is displayed on your monitor. Many people often wonder why the issue pops up and what can be done to rectify the problem and ensure that your monitor is in working order still.

The main reason your monitor would hit you with the out-of-range message often has to do with the overall resolution. If you set your resolution higher than your monitor can handle, you would often find that it would show out of range. This is considered an error and you will need to make some adjustments.

Why Does My Monitor Say Out Of Range?

There could be a few reasons and issues that will affect your monitor and the display system. However, the difference in resolution when comparing the display with the monitor is often the most common reason your monitor would say out of range. You would have to follow the steps in the next section to ensure you can rectify the problem.

How To Fix Monitor Out Of Range Error

If you are dealing with an out-of-range issue and simply changing the resolution does not fix the problem, you should consider the following steps. These would allow you to reboot the PC and readjust the resolution for your monitor:

  1. Enter Safe Mode: The first thing we recommend is to change the resolution. However, if this does not work, you should start your PC in safe mode with a blank screen. This would give you ultimate control of adjustments.
  2. Change Screen Resolution: The second step is the easiest and you should open the screen resolution from the control panel. You can toggle through the various settings until you reach “adjust screen resolution”. Now you can find the ideal screen resolution and apply it to the PC.
  3. Reboot PC: Finally, you should restart your PC and this will allow everything to refresh as well as the new resolution to take effect. You should notice that everything will be in the optimal working order.

If the adjustments fail and the monitor is still signaling that it is out of range, you will have to rinse and repeat these steps. It would also be helpful if you could check the monitor to see which resolution is compatible. This would save you plenty of time and skip the trial and error steps of constantly rebooting the PC.


Not all monitors have the same resolution and some of the cheaper options cannot run at the same levels as many high-end options. You will need to make sure that your PC and the resolution of your monitor are in check. Let us know in the comment section if you have ever dealt with this possible issue.

This article was last updated on November 8, 2022 .

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