Why Are TV Stands so Low? (Answered)

If you have a TV stand in your home, you might have wondered occasionally why the TV stand is so low to the ground. There are all kinds of furniture items that come with standard sizes and heights, and we just accept this sizing as normal. 

TV stands are so low because of the viewing angle that is ideal for those sitting on a couch and looking at the TV. TVs have gotten bigger, and this viewing angle is less relevant as wall-mounted TVs become more normal. However, if you are using a more modestly-sized TV and a TV stand, the stand that you own is crafted to give you the best viewing angle from your position on the couch.

How do I Know if MY TV Stand is the Right Height?

The ideal height for your TV stand is one where you do not have to crane your neck up or down in order to see the TV clearly. The correct height of your TV stand can vary somewhat if your TV is quite large. You will want to make sure that you consider the placement of the TV stand in relation to your couch as well. The closer you are to the TV, the more important the proper height of the stand will be.

Having your TV mounted or placed where you have to crane your neck to watch it can cause strain on your neck, but it can also actually cause strain on your eyes as well. There are many homes these days that place the TV above the mantle, but this can be a really tough angle for comfortable TV watching. You have probably noticed when you went to a friend’s house with a TV placed like this, and this is why the height of your TV stand is so critical.

TV stands are often made with specific TV sizes in mind, so if you are shopping, look for a TV stand that is made for your size TV. This will help you greatly when it comes to comfortable TV watching, and it will also ensure that your TV stand is made to hold the weight of your large TV. These kinds of stands will also be wide enough to prevent damage to the side of your TV from people walking by.

Your TV Stand is Low for Your Comfort While Watching TV

If you have ever wondered if your TV stand really needs to be so close to the ground, you now will understand why these items are made this way. Having the right viewing angle for the TV is important for your comfort and your eye health. Always make sure that you look for a TV stand that is made for your specific TV size so that you will be comfortable when you sit down to enjoy your TV. Craning your neck up to watch TV is not ideal, and it is not great for your overall comfort and well-being either.

This article was last updated on March 6, 2023 .

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