Are 27-inch 1080p Monitors Good? (Answered)

When buying a monitor, the display and resolution are two of the most important factors that you should keep in mind. One of the most common monitors some people buy is the 27-inch monitor, which often comes with a 1080p resolution for gaming. However, we need to find out if this would be a good investment.

The 27-inch 1080p monitor would be great for gamers. However, it does depend on how far your sit from the monitor. The ideal range should be about 3.4-feet for the optimal viewing experience. If you are sitting closer than 3-feet, it might not be ideal and you might not see the full monitor.

As a serious gamer, the importance of monitor size and solid viewing is something we understand. Most people play online games, which would require a full view of the monitor and often some fast reactions. The idea of this article is to help you understand when the 27-inch monitor would be the ideal option for you.

24-inch Vs 27-inch Monitor

When buying a 1080p monitor, the ideal size you are looking for would often be 24-inches. The main reason for this is the PPI or pixels per inch. The more pixels you have per inch, the sharper the image quality would be and this would make it possible to have a better view of the display and the objects on the display.

However, the 27-inch monitor would also work, but you won’t be able to sit as close to the monitor. This could cause some blurring and the full size of the monitor might not be in your line of sight. The 1080p works rather effectively on the 27-inch monitor, but you might need to take a few steps back to ensure the optimal viewing experience.

The Ideal PPI You Need To Look For

When you are buying a monitor, you often look at the size and the resolution. The combination of these figures would give you the PPI of the display. For gaming, a PPI of 90 would often be the best for increased sharpness and to allow you to comfortably see the picture.

The 27-inch 1080p monitor features a PPI of 81, which is only slightly lower than the currently expected level. If you are willing to deal with this slight reduction in PPI, it should still be a great investment for you and your display to ensure that you have a good viewing experience.


Ideally, I would recommend choosing the 24-inch monitor when running a 1080p resolution. However, if you could create a bit more distance, you could easily use the 27-inch display. Due to the additional size, the distance does not have such a significant effect. Let us know in the comment section if you would use the 27-inch 1080p monitor for gaming.

This article was last updated on December 6, 2022 .

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