The Best 32 Inch Monitors

As technology moves forward faster than ever before, we find ourselves always trying to keep up with it and figure out which is the best product for our needs.

With displays evolving just as fast, 32 inches, which was a decent size for a TV back in the day, is now a great option for a primary monitor to serve our workstation office needs or in case we want to expand a laptop to a larger screen for better viewing experience.

We feel the HP Pavilion 32-inch QHD Wide-Viewing Angle Display is the best 32-inch monitor currently on the market. With QHD resolution, a great viewing experience is always guaranteed. The wide viewing angle makes it a great choice for an office monitor because of the sturdy, yet sleek design. The contrast is right in that sweet spot of the price-value graph.

While not the best for fast-paced gaming, it still has AMD FreeSync available and, even if the response time is not as fast as one would like, the casual gamer would enjoy every minute. For its price tag, this 32-inch monitor does a great quality job and will be sure to serve you on a daily basis.

Whether you are working at your desk for long hours, enjoying the occasional movie, looking through pictures or enjoying a gaming session, you have to ensure that you the right monitor for the job.

The 5 Best 32 Inch Monitors for Gaming:

With the above in mind, we have compiled a list of the 5 best 32-inch monitors we think would best serve your needs and, by the time you have read the article, choosing the one best suited for you, would not be a problem.

1. HP Pavilion 32-Inch QHD Wide-Viewing Angle Display Monitor

Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time7ms
Panel TypeVA

HP is making a great statement with their new line of displays and the 32-inch QHD wide-angle monitor is a great value choice. Installing this monitor is no great task as all HP monitors are designed as Plug and Play for all Operating systems.

At 2560 x 1440 resolution, the image is clear, colors are vibrant at a 3000:1 contrast and 10000000:1 dynamic contrast. This makes it perfect for editing pictures, videos, preprint work, 3D design work, or any other daily task for that matter.

The wedge style stand is quite solid and provides a great space to put a small soundbar, any other device like a router or switch, or even as a mat to empty your pockets onto when you sit in front of your monitor. At 60HZ and a poor response time of 7ms, it is by no means a hardcore gaming display.

Although AMD video card users would be pleased to hear that the monitor supports AMD FreeSync technology, the difference between refresh rates when compared to a 120HZ or higher gaming monitor is easily noticeable.

Aside from that, the calibration menu is easily accessible and quite intuitive. The whites are bright and the blacks are deep, so viewing movies on it is also a pleasure. At this price, you get the best value possible and if you want to step up the quality of the monitor even further, it will cost you considerably more.

2. LG 32MP58HQ-P 32-Inch IPS Monitor with Screen Split

Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time5ms
Panel TypeIPS

As a first pick, we have the LG 32MP58HQ 32-inch monitor. It is a quality tool to have if you like to work on multiple displays since it has the great split-screen feature which lets you cascade screens and windows on the same monitor from multiple devices. The IPS panel provides perfect viewing angles as well as the best color from all panel types.

This 32-inch monitor is best suited for professional usages like video or picture editing, web design or any special effects software. As good as these features are for professional and general use, gamers would not find this monitor suitable as it is still a 60HZ one and with a low response time at about 5ms.

That said the anti-glare finish to the monitor and the black stabilizer make even the darkest images easy to look at on a sunny day.  The monitor stand also is not one of its’ strongest features as it is unnecessarily wide and could be quite a nuisance to dust around, an issue easily fixable by hanging the monitor above your desk.

For the fair price this 32-inch monitor comes at, it is a great choice for a daily user who is into editing and is looking for a great visual experience.

3. Dell D Series D3218HN LED-Lit 31.5-Inch Monitor

Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time4ms
Panel TypeIPS

Number two on our list is another IPS monitor. The Dell D Series LED-Lit monitor is a fantastic option for people who spend their working hours in front of their computers and are fluent in design, editing and print proofing, all of which require color precision, clear picture and, most of all, the monitor shouldn’t be too straining on the eyes.

The wide 178-degree viewing angle makes sure that wherever you are in the room looking at the monitor, the vibrant colors will remain the same. As we are looking at 32-inch monitors, this one can also be VESA mounted as it weighs about 15 pounds and would not be straining any normal wall.

Aside from a few noticeable flaws when pushed over the limit, the Dell D Series provides a decent picture some nice vibrant colors and good contrast for a very affordable price tag, compared to other 32-inch displays on the market.

Consider buying this monitor if you are looking for a clean sleek design and you want to use it for your daily tasks.

4. Samsung 32-Inch Curved LED Monitor

Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time4ms
Panel TypeVA

Next on the list is the Samsung 32-inch Curved LED monitor. The design does not get any sleeker than this. With a 1800R curvature, simple small stand and a thin profile of less than an inch, this 32-inch monitor truly offers an immersive experience.

Samsung has always paid attention to detail and this time it is not only on the outside. Experience the most vibrant colors from every angle of the curved monitor with Samsung’s very own Crystal Color Technology and all the bright whites and deep blacks of the picture with a solid contrast of 5000:1.

Aside from all the features making this display great for a wide variety of tasks (from daily use to watching movies), the Game mode feature makes imaging smooth even during the faster gameplay motions in the most intensive games. Thus, Samsung 32-inch Curved LED monitor can be used as a good PC or console gaming screen.

A downside of the monitor is that it comes poorly configured by default and the configuration controls, as in most monitors, are not that intuitive and take some getting used to. Nevertheless, once properly calibrated, the picture is vibrant, colorful and easy on the eye.

The gaming mode automatically switches some calibrated settings, but usually, the settings for watching TV or videos are not the best for gaming and vice versa. On the pricier side of the spectrum but well worth it, when a deal appears, this monitor is a steal at the prices usually offered.

5. AOC C32V1Q 31.5-Inch Full HD Monitor

Refresh Rate75Hz
Response Time6ms
Panel TypeVA

AOC is one of the companies well known around monitor fans, gamers, high-end developers as well as in the field of commercial displays. The AOC c32V1q is a 32-inch display, which can cater to everyone’s needs and look sleek and cool while at it.

The 1800R curvature of the monitor provides an immersive viewing experience as the VA panel gives a variety of viewing angles and color sharpness. The narrow bezels and three borderless sides, along with the metal stand make for its sleek design.

The response rate is low, at 4ms, which is right about where gamers would want it to be, so they can jump into action. Furthermore, the higher refresh rate of 75HZ, if connected through the DP port, adds to the smoothness of the imaging and mapping as the action unveils.

Even if not sitting for long gaming sessions, people who find themselves working on this display for hours will find their eyes fatigue less because of the flicker-free technology implemented through the direct current backlight system.

Another technology used by AOC to protect the eyes of their users is the AOC LowBlue Mode software, which decreases the irritating blue waves on some images without compromising their quality and vividness displayed by the VA panel.

The monitor can also be hanged on the wall via VESA mount, which can be useful in a situation where the stand is too wide for desk space. At the price it is offered, this 32-inch monitor is a great choice for both daily work and gaming.

What to Consider When Buying a 32-Inch Monitor

We hope you enjoyed our list and top picks as there are countless alternatives on the market and some of them you might like better than others.

Therefore, it is important to know what to look for when purchasing a new monitor so that you can make the right choice. In this buyers’ guide are compiled the top features you should be considering when comparing different monitors.

Panel Type

Nowadays, monitors use three different types of panels – TN (twisted nematic), VA (vertical alignment), and IPS (in-plane switching). Each panel type has its pros and cons but the main question they answer with their characteristics is what you will be doing with the display.

TN panels generally have low response times, highest refresh rates and low input lag. On the other hand, these panels have bad viewing angles and the worst colors of the three types.

They are usually the cheapest and are great for gaming because of the low input lag and high refresh rates. The VA panels are the vanilla of the bunch. They are perfect for daily tasks and as work displays.

VA panels have the best contrast and image depth and the ones on the pricier side can even have the refresh rates of the TN panels, but their main purpose is general use.

Lastly, the IPS panels, which are the most expensive ones, are targeted towards high-quality imaging and color and have the best viewing angles. These panels are usually used for photo editing, preprint, design, and overall color-sensitive work.


Resolution is probably the first feature, which comes to mind when one starts to look for a new television. Here it is no different. The higher the resolution a monitor can create, the better the image quality is going to be.

However, buyers should consider their computer specifications when deciding to go for the higher resolution monitors as some of them require powerful graphics cards to generate the required resolution in a game or in a 3D graphics project, for example.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rates on most general use monitors are 60HZ, while the more specialized ones can have a refresh rate of up to 240HZ. The better the refresh rate, the smoother the picture will transition through the motions, which is why most gamers buy high refresh frame monitors. When you are looking for general or specialized use, the refresh rate is not so key.


When it comes to viewing pleasure, Contrast is King. The higher the dynamic range of the display, the more realistic every picture and motion will look. VA displays offer the highest dynamic ranges, so the monitors with this type of panel would have better contrast. High contrast monitors are excellent for long work hours.


One not as important feature as the others, but one which should definitely be taken into consideration, is flicker-free technology. If you are going to spend a good 8 hours in front of a screen, your eyes would get tired enough as it is, so if the monitor you work on doesn’t flicker, at least the strain won’t be as much.

G-Sync and FreeSync

These two technologies are meant to reduce screen tears and stuttering. They usually make a difference in gaming to better the experience. Monitors with G-sync operate with computers equipped with Nvidia graphics cards, while FreeSync works with computers that operate with AMD cards.

Both technologies can be considered an extra, which usually ups the price tag, but if you are into gaming in high resolutions and framerates, it is a feature to be considered.


Any gaming or professional display can be a great monitor for general use. This being said, not every general display can be successfully used in the gaming or professional scene.

Contrast, refresh rate, resolution and the purpose which the display is going to serve, should all be considered when you are looking to invest in a new monitor.

This article was last updated on December 28, 2022 .

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