Can a TV Be Used as a Computer Monitor? (Answered)

TVs can be used as a computer monitors if you wish. There are some added items that you need to have in your toolbox to be able to use your TV as your monitor, but the process is very simple. It can be nice to have so much extra room on your screen to work if you are dealing with large projects or creative items. TV monitors have come a really long way since tube TVs, which makes them an ideal option for those who have specific needs for a larger computer monitor.

How to Use a TV as a Computer Monitor

To be able to use a TV as a computer monitor, you need to connect the computer to the TV with an HDMI or a DP cable. Both devices need to have HDMI and DP ports for this to work. Once your TV is connected to your computer, you just need to pick the right input source to be sure that the display from the computer will display on the TV.

Another factor that is necessary is to check on the resolution of the PC and TV. This will be required to have a smooth and seamless experience when using this kind of device for a monitor. You might need to also change the PC settings for your display to be able to optimize the appearance of the display on the TV screen. 

You can also use your TV as a second monitor. This is a more specific use case and might need more cables to be able to connect a TV with another standard monitor in place. You might need a VGA and DVI port to access to make this work. The brand of your TV and your make and model of PC can impact if this is possible due to the cabling that is required to make the connection work. Be sure that you do some research before you assume that this is a feasible alteration that you can make to your PC setup.

Learning more about which kinds of ports are necessary to make this work can help, and you should be sure to look up what these ports are shaped like so you can see which options you have available to you. Newer monitors and TVs, as well as newer PCs, should provide you with all of the various ports that you need for this process. When you have older devices involved in your system, you might need to be more creative, or the process might not work out as you expect. Newer devices will be able to be used both as a TV and a monitor in most cases, but older devices might not be able to work in this way.

Using a TV as a Computer Monitor Can be Easy

If you want to have access to a high-resolution screen that is really large, you should be able to connect a TV to your PC. Most newer machines and newer TVs are capable of this, and it can change the way that you work on your PC every day.

This article was last updated on June 15, 2023 .

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