How Many TV Networks Are There? (Answered)

If you love to watch TV, you probably wonder how many TV networks there are today that are generating content for consumers. Networks produce all kinds of different television programming, from news to entertainment to informational content. TV networks are privately owned, so they can create and promote the content that they want to show without too many regulations being in place to limit them. This is part of why there are so many TV channels and so much to watch on TV these days.

How Many Channels Are There in the World?

There are about 33,000 television stations in the world. In the US alone, there are 50 national broadcasting providers as well as smaller producers of local TV offerings in some regions. Some of the large networks are familiar to everyone, such as ABC, CBS, and NBC. These are the “big three,” but there are also BBC and PBS broadcasting that is shown around the world, even in the US.

Fox and various other news outlets are often considered their own networks, but they are actually part of larger conglomerates. There are actually a limited number of owners of TV stations in the US, which means that it can be hard to find diverse television in some parts of the states.

The change to digital broadcasting has made it more realistic for other companies to compete with the bigger companies that have had a stranglehold on TV programming since the 1970s and 1980s. There might be an increasing number of new networks showing unique programming in years to come due to this change.

The various kinds of networks are divided into four main types:

  • Commercial broadcasting to show English-language programming to a general audience.
  • Spanish-language broadcasting, which shows a full slate of programming to Spanish speakers.
  • Educational and non-commercial broadcasting, which airs both English and foreign-language television programming which is supposed to be educational and informational in nature.
  • Religious broadcasting networks which show religious-based programming to a general audience.

These programs might not be shown all around the world or in all of the regions of the US. Some programming is still regional in nature or local in nature. There are thousands of hours of TV that someone can choose to engage with every day in the United States due to the variety of channels that belong to these networks.

There Are Many TV Networks

There are many hours of television that can be accessed by consumers on a daily basis around the world these days. In the US alone, there are many, many creators and managers of content that own their own private companies. This means that there can be variability in the diversity of what is on offer to watch in the US, but that does not mean that consumers do not have a wide array of different kinds of programming to choose from.

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