Can You Drink Alcohol On TV? (Answered)

We often see our favorite actors have a beer or a few drinks on television. However, many people have now learned that the cigarettes and alcohol used on these shows are often props and not the real thing. With this revelation, people wonder if can you drink alcohol on TV or if all actors are only using props as a substitute.

In most cases, actors would not drink real alcohol. Becoming intoxicated could negatively affect the production, which often means that they could slur or even forget their lines. However, there have been cases of actors drinking real alcohol when they are shooting a show to boost credibility.

Can You Drink Alcohol On TV?

Whether you can or cannot drink alcohol on set would often come down to the actor and the producer. Certain producers would allow the consumption of alcohol, whereas others would prefer that you don’t drink alcohol on stage. Some of the following reasons are concerning, which is often why people prefer props:

  1. Slurring And Forgetting Lines

One of the most important aspects of TV production is that the actors understand their lines and make sure that they can effectively communicate these lines. If you consume alcohol, it could affect memory, which means that actors might forget their lines and this could affect them when it comes to delivering their performances.

  1. Unprofessional Behavior

We all know that alcohol affects our inhibitions and this is one of the main reasons that many people don’t drink when on stage. The idea is that even though you are acting, you should have a form of respect for your fellow actors. Unprofessional behavior might be one of the results when someone is intoxicated on stage. One example would be Richard Gere confronting Sylvester Stallone while intoxicated on stage.

  1. Redoing Scenes

Most TV productions are time-sensitive and people need to get out of the scenes to deliver the show on time. If someone keeps messing up while on stage, they often need to redo these scenes. If the person is too intoxicated to continue, the scene might need to be stopped to have the person sober up before continuing.

  1. Mistakes

Finally, someone might not be too intoxicated, but they can still make a few mistakes. Some of the top movie producers like Steven Spielberg would often need things to be almost perfect to give his approval on a specific scene. If the actor is drunk, they could make significant mistakes, which forces us back to the previous point. During this point, they will often need to delay or continue to redo all the scenes.


While alcohol might be used in some cases and by certain movie producers, the mainstream of these producers would often not allow the use of alcohol. Many actors would often stick to just using the props to ensure that they don’t get intoxicated and to make sure that the production would continue.

This article was last updated on November 29, 2022 .

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