Can You Take A 32-Inch TV On A Plane? (Answered)

Nowadays, we have an impressive flat-screen television, which features a slim design and makes it more portable. However, a 32-inch TV is often large and this might make it hard to travel with the TV. Most airlines have limits when it comes to bags and some of the larger items are often placed on cargo planes for transportation.

The 32-inch TV would often come with a cardboard box and this would offer some form of protection. If you plan to travel with your television, we would recommend that you keep this box. The box would serve as the storage unit and allow you to safely and securely transport your TV. You can carry your TV as carry on luggage, if it is within the dimensions and weight of the airline.

How To Take Your 32-Inch TV On A Plane?

To ensure that you can effectively take your 32-inch TV with you on a plane, we have created this miniature guide that would assist you in doing so. You don’t have to follow all these steps, but to ensure that it is permissible and to make sure that your TV is safe, we would recommend that you consider following these:

  1. Ensure The TV Is In The Right Packaging

One of the main things that many airlines would have you do is to make sure your television is in its original packaging. While the name on the packaging does not matter, the original packaging is often designed in such a way that it would protect the television. However, those that do not have the original packaging can find suitable packaging online for protection.

  1. Wrap The Screen

The biggest weakness of your television would be the screen and it is important that you efficiently wrap the screen. You can use some form of cushioning if need be, but having a standard blanket would suffice. You can wrap the blanket around the TV screen and this would provide some form of a buffer that would protect it from impact.

  1. Fragile Stickers

One of the downsides of traveling via airplane with your television is that baggage handlers are often unkind when it comes to being gentle. However, the use of fragile stickers can often convince them to be more careful with their baggage. It would help a ton if you could use some fragile stickers to ensure that your television is packed efficiently.

  1. Safely Store Your Chords And Cables

Your television might be useless if you forget the different chords and cables. While you can often store these in the same box as your television, it might be better to store them in a different bag. The impact from these when the TV is mishandled could cause some damage and scratches to the screen.


Traveling with your television might be daunting. However, when you use the right items and you ensure that you can store the television efficiently, you should be fine and this would make it much easier to transport it. Let us know in the comment section how you would travel with your 32-inch television.

This article was last updated on November 29, 2022 .

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