Why Do TV Shows Take Breaks? (Answered)

When it comes to TV shows, there are two types of breaks you often come across. The first one is advert breaks, which happen during the slotted time for a given show and the second is called a hiatus, which is when a show breaks for a few months. Both of these are important for the show and the fans to ensure continuation, but why do TV shows take breaks?

The season break of hiatus often happens when there are no new episodes and the actors need a break. This is also when new production often happens, which creates a sense of excitement among fans. The breaks during TV shows are often a result of marketing.

Why Do TV Shows Take Breaks?

There are two main reasons for TV shows taking breaks as we have mentioned. This section aims to break down each of the break periods to help you understand. Now, you don’t need to get mad when you see your favorite TV show take breaks:

  1. Hiatus

One thing people often forget is that actors are also human and they often need a vacation from acting. This is one of the reasons you would find that many TV shows would break after a few episodes. This will give the actors time to refresh and allow them to come back with new enthusiasm. Much like you need a break from work, actors also need a break from work.

Another reason for the hiatus is to create some anticipation among the audience. The audience is the lifeblood of any production. If the show rolls on for too long, people will become bored. This is why your favorite TV show might take a break for a few months. It helps to build some of the tension for the coming season.

  1. Ad Breaks (Commercials)

Since people are not paying for a broadcast, production companies need to make money in some way. Since many people watch TV shows, the best place for marketing would be during the show. These are known as commercial breaks and often occur when people need to market something to a specific audience.

The companies selling the products would pay the production company, which enables them to make money and pay for the TV shows. Companies often plant the seed of a specific product in the mind of their viewer, which might lead to them buying. This is almost like social media using products to market to potential buyers.


TV show breaks are important and they often create anticipation. While you might not like a break from your favorite series, it does help to improve the quality of the show through anticipation. It stimulates you for a while, before stopping the stimulation, almost like push and pulls. Psychologists have spent plenty of time studying these effects. Let us know how you feel when your favorite TV show takes a break.

This article was last updated on November 23, 2022 .

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