Can A TV Break On Its Own? (Answered)

No matter which home you enter, a TV is often one of the first things you see and it is universal throughout the world. However, you might come home one day and turn on the TV, and it simply does not want to turn on anymore. This can lead to the question of can a TV break on its own or if is there always a reason.

Most TVs will not simply break on their own. There is often a common cause or something that happens, that causes the TV to break. This might not always be your fault, but in some cases, you could have left it on for too long or even left it close to the heat. If the TV breaks randomly under warranty, most manufacturers would replace it.

Why Would A TV Break On Its Own?

One of the main reasons that your TV would break on its own is often due to negligence. You might have done something prior and one day the television simply does not work. Here are a few things that you could have done to break your TV:

Placing It Too Close To Heat

One of the main reasons that your TV could break will be if you place it too close to the heat. This could be due to a fireplace being close to the television or even your home just being too warm. Coupling this with the fact that you might leave your TV on during the day and night, could heat the screen significantly and cause it to crack.

Dropping The TV

Another common issue is when people accidentally drop the television. While it might not break instantly, it could take some damage, which often reduces the integrity of the construction. You might notice things like certain buttons being moved and not working. Eventually, the TV might stop responding entirely and you might have forgotten the drop.

Constant Power Surges

With power outages often being rampant in certain areas of the world, a television system might break by itself. Each time the power comes on, it would send a jolt of electricity through the television system, which could lead to significant damage to the power supply.

Generally, the power supply would die instantly, but occasionally, you would have situations that could cause a slow death to the television system and this would slowly deteriorate. One day, you try to turn on the television and it simply dies. Using a solid surge protector is one way of combating this from happening.


If your television stops working by itself, there might be a prior reason for it to eventually stop working. The issue is often related to something you have done wrong. However, you might occasionally have some manufacturer errors and faults, which could also cause the issue. Let us know in the comment section if your TV has ever randomly stopped working.

This article was last updated on November 29, 2022 .

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