Can You Extend The Display With An HDMI Splitter? (Answered)

If you want to have access to more real estate for your screen time, you might have wondered if there was a way to split up the display that you are trying to see between screens. There are various workarounds to make sure that you can enjoy the display you want to see without being stuck with a single screen.

HDMI splitters will not allow you to split and mirror the display that you see across multiple screens if you wish. This can be a great way to make your display more flexible so that you can see more of what you are trying to view and expand the display as much as you would like to, but wireless HDMI is your only option for this use.

Why Can’t You Use an HDMI Splitter?

You can’t extend your display with an HDMI splitter because the splitter will send an identical display and will not split up the image across multiple screens. This is one of the limitations of devices like splitters, and they are not made to allow you to change the image that is shown on each screen.

If you want to show the same image split across more than one screen, you will need to use wireless HDMI instead. HDMI extenders are a much better solution for this need, but they are more expensive than a splitter. You will need to be aware of this limitation for splitters before you assume that this is the right solution to make your single-screen display split across many monitors.

Remember that your splitter is mostly just a replicating device, and be sure that you are not trying to leverage this solution for something that needs a much more complex solution. You might need to do some careful planning to create an extended display, and a splitter will not be part of your usual solution for this need.

HDMI Splitters Cannot Extend Your Display

HDMI splitters cannot help you to make a display wider or longer. HDMI splitters just replicate the image that you are already showing on the first screen in your setup, so you will not be able to split up the display across a bunch of monitors with this solution. Make sure that you are looking into HMDI extenders and other solutions for this need so that you can succeed in your goal. A splitter can allow you to display the same image across many screens, but it cannot make a single image much larger for your use. In some cases, your Blu-Ray Player or another machine might be needed to assist you in this goal.

This article was last updated on April 10, 2023 .

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