Do I Need Spacers for a TV Mount? (Answered)

Mounting a TV with a curved back can be really complex. This is one of the situations where normal TV mounts will not work with your TV. Trying to attach any kind of uniquely-shaped TV to the wall can necessitate the use of spacers along with your TV mount.

Curved TVs always need to be mounted with spacers. These are usually included in the installation items that you get with your TV. You should not have any trouble mounting your TV with the spacers that have been included in the box. If you have not gotten your TV new, you might need to know more about the spacers that are used for this task.

Kinds of Spacers for TV Mounting

  1. Basic Spacers

These items are shaped like pipes or tubes, and they have a clearance hole that runs through the middle of the spacer. This is where the bolts are placed. The bolts should not engage the spacer itself and should only be used to mount the spacer to the wall. This is the most common shape of these spacers, and they work well for most applications.

  1. Hexagonal Spacers

These spacers look like a regular spacer, but they have a clearance hole that runs through the center. They perform the same function but have to be attached differently. You will need to thread a self-tapping screw into these spacers to attach them to the stud. Hexagonal spacers are also usually made of softer materials like brass or nylon.

  1. Span-In Spacers

These spacers are made with a threaded hole that is on one end, and they have a sprung push fastener at the other end of the spacer. This makes them easy to fasten, and they offer a standoff function that is a little different than a regular spacer.

Where to Attach a Space on a TV Mount

The spacers that you use will be placed on the backside of the TV against the wall. This allows for the TV mount to rest against the spacers and not the wall. You will not want to use multiple spacers on a bolt, and you will need to be sure that the spacers that you have picked at the right size for your TV. Thin and short spacers are called washers, and threaded spacers are called standoffs. You might need to know the difference to get the right products for your TV mounting process.

Mounting a Uniquely-Shaped TV is Easy With Spacers

When you have a curved TV or a TV that is not a normal shape and size, you might need to use spacers to mount the TV to the wall. These items can be bought if you did not get them with your TV, but most new TVs will come with spacers included in the box. You should be able to place these spacers with ease to hang your TV, and this will ensure that you do not have trouble with your TV falling off the wall or pulling away from the TV mount.

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