Samsung C32F391 32-Inch HD Curved Monitor Review

The Samsung LC32F391 32 inch monitor is a vibrant full HD monitor with fantastic features and if you cannot notice it, then it is an issue.

Key Features of the Samsung C32F391 32-Inch Curved LED Monitor

Screen Size32”
Panel TypeVA
Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time4Ms
Samsung C32F391 32-Inch Curved LED Monitor Specs
  • Great design. For a curved monitor, this one is a good pick just for the fact that the stand is standard and simple and you can utilize your cables whichever way you like around it
  • VA panel. Probably the cleanest and up to par display for the daily worker. Want to enjoy games? You got it. Want to look at texts or spreadsheets? You got it. In terms of monitor display types, VA displays are the middle ground between high-end professionals ones meant for picture, movie, and design editors, as well as preprint fellows at the newspapers and other editors.
  • 4Ms response time. This is quite fast for a display, which does not have a TN panel since the VA panels have the slowest response time. Makes for a great gaming display because anything up to 5-6Ms is really okay if you are not too competitive
  • Great resolution. Samsung Crystal Color Technology included. With a solid 5000:1 contrast, daily tasks would be a breeze whether you are looking for a movie or a better filter for editing your project.
  • As any other curved display, this one also offers fantastic viewing angles for its size and, at arm’s length, you are sure to experience every magnificent color feature this monitor has to offer

Review of the Samsung 32-Inch Monitor

Samsung has pioneered television sets for many years and always had something new to bring to the table when it came to computer monitors, coming from that background. This budget daily use display will serve you right whatever the task would be so let us have a deeper look into the specifications and see what is what.



Any curved display looks sleek and clean and this monitor is no different. The LC32F391 rocks a modern white matte clean design where the stand lets you manage cables around any way you might enjoy. This curved design leaves for a clear 178-degree viewing angle so you can use it just as good to show people a movie as you would in your next great project. Clean white lines follow the design throughout, so if you are looking for an addition or a new way to set up your white pc workstation, this is it.


This Samsung 32-inch monitor offers much more than the eye can see. Even though the panel is VA, this is what you would be looking for as a regular display in your daily life. Every spreadsheet, every video you watch, every task you take upon, would feel effortless since these panels are made to fit these needs.

The curvature of the monitor is an additional plus which lets you present your project at work with ease or enjoy a movie at home in full immersion with the surrounding picture.

Some may feel that 60Hz is not enough for gaming but the response rate of 4ms says otherwise. At 60Hz sure, this monitor isn’t the best option but if you are looking for one to serve your daily gaming needs, console or PC, this is one great display to put through some fantastic games where you look for enjoying yourself.



Connectivity is not too great on the LC32F391 but it still has more than enough ports to serve your needs. There is a display port, an HDMI jack, an audio jack, and the power connection. On the other hand, this monitor sports options for a multiple display setup so this would not be too much of a problem.

Additional Features

Aside from the ultra-slim stylish curved design of the display, you also would enjoy the implemented preset modes. Enhanced gaming modes are available while playing to improve your gaming experience. Manage the blur, the whites, and the blacks and reduce your screen tearing through AMD’s FreeSync. Eye saver mode makes sure your eyes are taken care of, reducing the strain from the long blue waves, and as, a VA panel, making this monitor a great daily utility.

If this is not enough at this fantastic price, the 3000:1 contrast ratio proves the display’s worth and also reduces light leakage, so you get the darkest blacks as well as the brightest whites when you play games or watch a movie.

What We Loved About the Samsung LC32F391 Curved Monitor

  • Sleek design. Relatively small to what you can get today, but the mint white curved design makes this display look right in its place on top of the desk
  • Curved display. The viewing angles are great whether it be work or playtime you are looking for
  • AMD FreSync. Experience screen tear-free gaming and smooth scene transitions as well as no ghosting thanks to the FreeSync compatibility
  • Easy preset switch for gaming movie and work modes, so you can manage whatever task you are doing with the greatest of ease

What We Did Not Like About the Samsung LC32F391 Curved Monitor

  • Poor connectivity. With only two outs, you would barely have many options when it comes to multiple setups and managing displays, unless you solely use this display for a single console, for example.
  • 60Hz refresh rate. No gamer would really put too much thought into this. If you are competitive, then this monitor is not for you.
  • Many other options are available. This is a great unit if you are on the lookout to start up your gaming journey or a businessperson trying to equip your office with fancy looking displays, but know that these are still entry-level to daily task ones.

Would I Buy a Samsung Monitor?

Absolutely. If you were looking for a day-to-day display to serve all your needs but, at the same time, would love watching a couple of videos on the way or even extend another device to a display. The LC32F391 from Samsung is a fantastic option for all these purposes, comparing it to all those overpriced princes like the ASUS ROG PG27UQ and lower in price compared to some 24-inch monitors.

Final Thoughts

There is not too much left to say about Samsung, besides that they make great products which every person needs. Great price, pure colors, fantastic viewing angles, while ensuring you could enjoy anything from gaming to working every spreadsheet you could think of. Moreover, at the end of the day, you could watch a movie and this monitor would be happy to provide the viewing for you and your friends despite its small size.

This article was last updated on July 8, 2021 .

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