How Long Does A Monitor Last? (Answered)

Since the best gaming monitors are expensive, you might be wondering how long would it last. Many gamers consider a monitor to be an investment and if they are streamers, this means they would make a living from using a monitor. Buying a reliable and durable monitor is paramount to ensure value for your money.

The average monitor can easily go 10 or even 20 years of use. It will give you somewhere between 30.000 and 60,000 hours of display.

You should note that different monitors have different reliability ratings and it is important that you find one that offers you the best reliability for your personal needs. We will use this small article to look closely at how long the average monitor would last and what it would bring to the table in terms of durability.

How Long Does Each Monitor Last (LED, LCD, OLED)

Whether you go online or visit your local store, you will come across a handful of monitors that might be different. The LCD monitor is probably the most affordable and widely used. However, many people also choose LED and OLED monitors. It is important to understand that the lifespan between these monitors might vary:

LCD Monitor

The most commonly used monitor is the LCD monitor and it tends to give you about 30,000 to 60,000 hours of working display. Keep in mind that we are assuming you are playing about 8-hours a day. It is one of the more affordable options and if you don’t use it as often, you could even find that the monitor would last much longer.

LED Monitor

Nowadays, more people are moving toward LED monitors. Not only does it have a slightly better display and offers a bit more resolution. But the estimated lifespan of these monitors is between 80,000 and 120,000 of use. Once again, we are assuming you are using it for 8 hours per day. Unfortunately, these are some of the most expensive monitors available. 

OLED Monitor

The OLED monitor is another one of the top options currently on the market today and offers a wide variety of features. If you are looking for the best possible display, you might want to consider an OLED monitor. However, the lifespan is greatly dependent on how much you use it. On average, you could get around 100,000 hours of use from an OLED monitor.

CRT Monitors

While no one uses the CRT monitor anymo0re, there are still businesses that use them for work purposes. These monitors are some of the cheapest, but they are being phased out rapidly. They don’t have such a long lifespan when compared to the other monitors. It is estimated to last about 30,000 hours or about 10 years when used for 8 hours a day.


As a gamer, the last thing you want is for your monitor to break in the middle of a game or when streaming. It is often best to be prepared for these possibilities by investing in some of the best monitors you can buy. The OLED is by far the best for display. However, you could make use of the LED monitor as well.

This article was last updated on October 10, 2022 .

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