Is 200 FPS Good? (Answered)

The FPS refers to the frames per second. This impacts whether or not you experience things like screen tearing, lag, or other perceived issues with the display quality. FPS requirements for streaming and video gameplay have gone up over the years. The old gaming systems that many people played as kids did not need nearly the resolution that today’s games need, and streaming was not a consideration that anyone had in mind when monitors were first designed.

Yes, 200fps (frames per second) can be considered good for certain applications, such as gaming or video editing. A higher fps generally results in smoother, more responsive gameplay or video playback. However, the optimal fps can vary depending on the specific application and hardware being used. It’s important to consider other factors such as the resolution, refresh rate, and graphics quality when determining what fps is “good” for a particular use case.

What is a Good Frame Rate?

200 FPS is considered the bare minimum screen rate that you will need to play games or stream anything these days. If you are not getting at least 200FPS from your monitor, you will likely experience screen tearing lag or even pixelated moments where the screen seems frozen. A lesser FPS can also lead to a general blurriness of your display that is really unpleasant.

There is input lag for most streaming needs below 200FPS, so be sure that you can get at least this frame rate before you try to stream or play video games. There are games that can be played with a lower frame rate than this, but they are usually older games that were made for older technology. This can mean there will be other resolution issues that you will need to attend to even if the frame rate is not your issue.

30-60FPS is considered the bottom of the barrel for frame rate these days, with 120-240FPS being the required range for most kinds of streaming and gameplay experiences. Most games and streaming services will disclose the frame refresh rate that is needed to use their products in an ideal setting. You will want to be sure that you have access to game settings and other alterations that can make this possible for you in order to experience optimal streaming without lag and screen tearing.

If you have a relatively new PC and new monitors, you should not have any trouble getting close to or exceeding the 200 FPS expectation for most streaming or online gameplay experiences. Older machines might have more trouble with this part of the streaming process, but there are companies that will allow you access to improved gameplay hosted through their servers if you cannot afford a new computer. Make sure that your graphics card is in keeping with the demands of the game you are trying to play before you assume that the frame rate is the issue.

200 FPS is a Good Frame Rate for Most Needs

200 FPS will make it easy for you to enjoy your gaming experience and to stream using various services without issues with resolution or screen refresh rate. You will want to consider this your goal frame rate for various gaming experiences, and if you need to play the game through a host to get access to the graphics and frame rate that you need for optimal play, this might be a good workaround. 200 FPS is ideal for online game play and for reliable and enjoyable streaming.

This article was last updated on March 21, 2023 .

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