Which TV Series Debuted First? (Answered)

TV has been around for longer than most people realize. The technology to make TV possible was already around in the late 1920s. The very first TV drama that was ever televised was broadcast from New York station WGY in 1928. This series was called The Queens Messenger. At the time, these shows were very short-range and were available to local audiences only. 

What Other TV Shows Were Show in the Early Years of TV?

There were other TV shows and broadcasts that were dispersed to local audiences starting in the 1930s. The 1936 Summer Olympics in Germany is one such broadcast that was offered to regional audiences. The coronation of King George VI was offered as a broadcast in 1937. 

World War II put a halt to productions and broadcasts of all kinds not related to the war effort, and television for entertainment did not become a reality again until 1947. Sports was a big driver for the purchase of televisions during this period of TV history, and baseball enthusiasts wanted a TV in their homes so they could watch the World Series.

It was not until September of 1951, when President Harry Truman’s speech at the Japanese Peace Treaty Conference was televised, that a national live broadcast became possible. This was such a popular event that the concept of national broadcasting became the focus of many news and TV networks. National broadcasting would not really become commonplace until the mid-50s, and nearly all programming was still black and white at this time.

It is incredible to think about how many years TV shows have actually been aired. This has been one of the primary forms of entertainment for people all around the world for generations.

Television Programs Have Been Around Since the 1920s

Television shows have been one of the main goals of networks since TV networks were first created. The concept of a time when there was no regularly scheduled television programming can be hard to imagine for people today. However, there was definitely a time when there were no TV programs that were scheduled to be shown on a regular basis. 

Television is such a big part of everyone’s daily lives these days. The fact that this technology has been around for a long time without being this important to daily life can be really amazing to some people. Television offers us entertainment, news, and access to information of various kinds today, and all of the things that we think of as normal TV began to be conceived in the 20s.

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