Why are monitors so expensive? (Answered)

A quality monitor is rather expensive. Even the average one is a fair investment. We take a look at why are monitors so expensive? 

Monitors are known for being long-term investments and being quite high quality, they are built to different standards than that of television. When you look at monitor displays, the frequency varies between 50 and 200 Hz, offering brighter and better colors, they are specifically designed for productivity, graphic design, or gaming. 

The serious gamer will pick a monitor over a television screen any day. Gaming monitors for example have to keep up with the demands of high-end gaming PC’s, they have higher refresh rates lower input lag, and makes gameplay smoother

Most monitors are built for accurate colors and multiple color spaces that are very important for photographers, video editors, and graphic designers every color variant will be noticeable thus monitors are the preferred tool for the job.

The latest trend is now the curved Monitors that inflates the price range of monitors.

And of course, we have to bring the Covid pandemic into the picture as an excuse for the high cost of monitors. The decreased supply due to factory shutdowns and increase in demand for computers due to the fact that more people now work from home pushed the prices up. 

Why are monitors more expensive than TVs?

Most monitors are more expensive than televisions. Part of the reason behind this is the marketing that is done.

You will find a Television set in nearly every home around the world sometimes four or more per household depends on where in the world you are. The televisions come with low warranties of maybe 2 years if you are lucky. Monitors on the other hand are not found in nearly every home. 

The warranty for monitors can go up to 5 years in some places and the chances of you replacing your monitor when you upgrade your computer are slim to none because of the cost of replacing the monitor. 

The only reason for replacing a monitor will be if it’s faulty. Monitors are known for being longer-term investments and being quite high quality. Thus, the reason for monitors being more expensive than televisions is the supply and demand scenario.

Is it worth buying an expensive monitor?

It depends on how you use your computer. If you use your computer for day-to-day tasks like emails, web browsing, or data entry you definitely don’t need an expensive high-end monitor. 

If, on the other hand, you use it for graphic design, video editing, photographic editing, or playing games with realistic graphics you will enjoy using an expensive monitor for the ultimate gaming experience. 

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If you use it for web design, remember the user on the other end probably does not have a high-end monitor. 

The latest 4K monitors are more affordable lately but there is a hidden cost. It is not as simple as plug it in and appreciate the full joy of your expensive 4K monitor. 

The extra cost is in the graphics card that you have to change in order to make it fully functional and get the real experience to enjoy your new expensive monitor.

Why are 4K monitors more expensive than TVs?

With more and more people using their televisions as monitors the question is still why are the 4K monitors more expensive than 4K TVs?

Keep in mind that the television screen size matters. To fit 4000 pixels onto a large 72” television is easier than trying to fit 4000 pixels onto a 32” monitor. The process to fit more pixels per inch onto a monitor drives the cost up. Monitors also require minimal lag, which makes them more costly to produce.

The market for 4K Monitors are very small as there are not so many professional graphic editors or photographer’s out there that use the full function of 4K with  8 million very small pixels that all work and are all accurate every time for years, and it’s difficult and expensive to produce panels of this quality.

With the entry of the online gaming world, most people use Xbox, Wii, or PlayStation to play online gaming. Only the real serious gamers out there still use PC thus needs 4K Monitors for high-quality gaming.

Are monitors better than TV?

It all boils down to your needs. My personal choice will be a TV due to the fact that the smart televisions lately come with all the different ports you need to simply use your laptop plugged into your smart television via an HDMI cable. 

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Using a wireless mouse and keyboard you can do your work from the leisure of your couch. If you going to spend most of your time working on it for high-quality graphics then yes a monitor and PC will be the way to go. 

But watching movies in case you want something that offers a larger size, more ports, and something that is going to be used by every member of the family, then you should look at television screens. 

Both of them offer similar options and it all comes down to the distance between you and the screen. Any dead pixel in a monitor will directly impact the readability of text, whereby on a big smart TV watched at a few meters away will be unnoticeable.

What is a 4K Monitor?

A 4K monitor, also known as an ultra-high-definition or UHD monitor, is one that supports 4K resolution. The width of a picture that has 4K resolution contains almost 4,000 pixels The “K” Stands for the “Kilo” derived from Greek

What are pixels? The word “pixel” means a picture element. Every photograph, in digital form, is made up of pixels.

In computer monitors, the benefits of a 4K display can be immediately realized. The higher resolution means a bigger work surface without a loss in pixels-per-inch. The PC graphics generated from a PC game or productivity application will automatically increase in resolution (not just scaled) to take advantage of the 4K display. At a normal PC monitor viewing distance, the user will fully benefit from 4K resolution in a 32-inch display.

Final thoughts

Despite the price, a quality computer monitor is a worthwhile investment. You want to be able to enjoy the display and have decent graphics without lag or other issues. In many cases, television might be an option but if you are serious about your display, invest in a good monitor that will give you years of clear viewing pleasure. 

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