Why Do My Monitor Settings Keep Changing? (Answered)

If your computer is constantly changing the monitor settings, it might be because of a conflict between the video card settings and your display settings.

The video card settings are set up to work with the monitor’s native resolution. However, if you have multiple monitors, you might have to change the settings for each monitor or change them all at once.

What are the Causes of My Monitor Settings Issue?

This issue is caused by the monitor settings. It can be fixed by adjusting the monitor settings.

There are two causes of this issue: The first cause is that your monitor resolution and refresh rate are not compatible with your computer’s graphics card. The second cause is that you have a high DPI setting on your computer, which means that the text on your screen appears too large for you to read comfortably.

How to Fix Your Monitor Settings

If your monitor settings are not working, you might have to manually force a new setting.

If your monitor is displaying too much light or has a dark screen, you can adjust the brightness by pressing the brightness button on the monitor. If your monitor is showing too little light or is displaying a screen with colors that are all the same shade of gray, then you need to adjust the contrast.

If your monitor is not responding to any of these options, try disconnecting and reconnecting it to see if that works. If that doesn’t work, you might need to change your settings manually in order for it to work properly.

How to Prevent Windows from Changing Your Display Settings by Default

Windows 10 comes with a new feature called “Display settings” that allows the user to adjust their display settings and change the color, contrast, and other aspects of the screen. This is helpful for people who have older or low-quality screens. However, this feature can be annoying if it changes your display settings without your permission.

There are two ways to turn off the automatic adjustment of Display settings.

1) Adjust the Display settings in “Personalize” and uncheck “Automatically adjust brightness based on my display’s contrast.” Then click on “Apply” to save it.

2) Go to Settings & System & Display, then click on “Manage” and uncheck the auto adjust box.

5 Common Solutions to Avoid Future Monitors Issue!

1. Move your laptop to a different location

2. Connect your laptop to a TV or monitor via VGA cable

3. Change your computer’s resolution settings

4. Use a different monitor, if possible

5. Update your drivers and BIOS

This article was last updated on May 9, 2022 .

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