Why Does My Monitor Turn Off Randomly? (Answered)

Monitors can turn off for many reasons. You should probably know why a monitor might do this to make sure that you don’t have to stop playing games or using your computer for a long time as you figure it out. Monitors are a pretty simple device, and it can be easy to resolve this problem if you know what to look at when it happens.

Reasons That Your Monitor Might Turn off Randomly

1. Monitor Overheating

This is the most common reason that your monitor might shut off out of the blue. This can happen when you are gaming or when the space that your computer is placed it gets too warm. Your monitor might also overheat due to dust build-up or issues with the cable connecting to it. You will want to put a fan in the space where your monitor is placed to help avoid this problem.

You should also rule out issues with the computer tower becoming too hot and communicating heat to the monitor. Keeping the room cool and making sure that your monitor is not getting loaded full of dust is key.

2. Loose Cables

If your VGA or HDMI cable gets loose, this can cause your monitor to turn off while you are in the middle of something. This is an easy problem to resolve by just making sure that the plugs are in tight. You can also replace the cable if you think that the cable has gone bad. Having spare cables on hand is a big benefit when you run into problems like this.

Loose cables can happen for many reasons, and cables can fail as well, although this is not common overall. Cable issues can happen when the plugs themselves get damaged, and it’s often easiest to just replace the whole cable if the plug has gone bad.

3. Bad Monitor

If you have tried resolving other potential problems and your monitor is still not working, it might be bad. If your monitor does not turn on again, you should reach out to have a warranty service on it or to do a warranty return. This is not a common problem, but it can happen. The company that you bought the monitor from will probably want to have you rule out a variety of things before you send the monitor back for warranty, so this guide will help you to get through the steps to be able to do a warranty service.

If Your Monitor Turns Off From Time to Time You Should Use These Steps

Following these troubleshooting steps will help you to figure out why your monitor is shutting off. This will save you a lot of time and help you decide if your monitor has gone bad or if you just need a new cable or need to plug something in again. Sometimes the PC itself can be unplugged or overheated, and you might need to look at this possible issue as well.

This article was last updated on April 5, 2023 .

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