Why is My Monitor Stuck at 60HZ? (Answered)

If you have a 144hz monitor, it can actually get stuck at 60 Hz. Troubleshooting these various reasons can be easier than you might think. Most of the solutions are based on settings that can readily be changed, so don’t panic! Getting the most out of your monitor can be really easy if you just take the time to go through the settings that might be the reason for your problem.

If your monitor is stuck at 60Hz, it may be due to a limitation of the graphics card or cable, or a setting in your computer’s display properties. Check your graphics card specifications and ensure that the cable you are using supports higher refresh rates. You may also need to adjust the refresh rate settings in your computer’s display properties or in the monitor’s on-screen display menu.

Troubleshooting for Monitor Being Stuck at 60hz

  1. Incorrect Refresh Rate Setting

The refresh rate has to be set to 114Hz for you to be able to use more than 60 Hz. You can change these settings and also look at the graphics card control panel to see if this is the reason for your problem.

  1. Insufficient Video Card

This is probably the most common reason for this performance issue. If your graphics card cannot support 144Hz, you will need to replace it,.

  1. Cable Problems

Cables can lead to problems of this kind. Make sure that you are using a DisplayPort cable for the best results and one that can be used with a high refresh rate.

  1. Outdated Graphic Card Drivers

These little bits of software can make a big difference in your use of the monitor that you have. You will need to be sure that the latest version of the drivers is installed for the best performance.

  1. Compatibility Problems

This can happen when the monitor is not actually compatible with the system that you have set up. You need to be sure that your monitor can be used with the rest of your devices, or you might run into these limitations.

If you have gone through all of these troubleshooting processes and your monitor is still stuck at 60Hz, you might need to explore the option that the monitor is defective in some way. You might need to have someone come to look at it to confirm that this is a hardware issue and not a user error problem.

Monitors Can be Stuck at 60Hz for Various Reasons

If you have been struggling with your monitor being stuck at 60Hz, you will need to do some basic troubleshooting before you decide that the monitor is faulty. These steps are easy to take and can ensure that you get the 144Hz from your monitor that you were expecting. Being sure about the needs of all of the various parts of your setup can make a big impact on your use of the monitor that you have chosen. Sometimes settings can also be to blame, so you will need to look at the most common problems that lead to this issue in detail to resolve your troubles.

This article was last updated on March 27, 2023 .

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