Why is My TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi? (Answered)

There can be a few different reasons that your TV is not connecting to the Wi-Fi. Knowing what to do when troubleshooting can help to ensure that you are able to resolve the issue quickly. There is nothing worse than being unsure about what to try to do when you need to fix an issue with your TV! This list of tips and tricks will help you to figure out what to do so you can get back to watching TV.

Reasons That Your TV Might not be Connecting to Wi-Fi

1. TV is not Close Enough to the Router

Your TV needs to be within the acceptable range to be able to connect with your router. If you are having issues with the Wi-Fi connection to your TV, you need to be sure that the router is not placed in a location that prevents a reliable connection. In large houses or business locations, Wi-Fi extenders might be needed to get the Wi-Fi signal to reach all of the various parts of the building.

2. Router is not Working

It can be quite common for the router to be the source of your issue with your TV. Test to see if other devices are connecting to the Wi-Fi with ease before you assume that your TV is the issue. Your router might need to be reset for your TV to be able to connect to it. Some routers might be too old to be able to work with newer devices as well, which might mean a router update is the right solution for your problem.

3. TV Settings Have Been Changed

It can be easier than you think to change the settings on your TV while you are trying to get it to connect to Wi-Fi. Try changing all of the settings on your TV back to the factory settings to see if this helps you connect the TV to the Wi-Fi. Once your TV settings are back to the factory settings, you might be able to locate menus that you were prevented from accessing due to changes in the settings.

4. Be Sure TV is Functional

There are instances where the TV that you are trying to connect to the Wi-Fi might not actually be working right. Check that other functions are working before you assume that your TV cannot connect to the Wi-Fi due to an internet issue.

Connecting a TV to the Wi-Fi Should be Easy

It should be quite simple to connect your TV to the Wi-Fi, which is why these tips are usually all that is necessary to get the problem solved. Make sure that your router is working and that you have not changed any of the settings on your TV by accident. Once you have started digging into the common reasons for your TV not connecting to the Wi-Fi, you should have no trouble figuring out the root cause of the issue.

This article was last updated on June 6, 2023 .

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