Will TV Become Obsolete? (Answered)

Television has been a big part of everyone’s lives for generations now. However, streaming services and various other ways of sharing media and producing entertainment have become very popular in recent years. There are many people who think that TV might become obsolete in the coming years due to these other kinds of ways to access content. While this might be the case, there are indications that people are not willing to give up their regular TV just yet.

TV Still Offers Perks Other Services Cannot Offer

Radio was predicted to die off when TV and streaming media became very popular, but it still has relevance for those who like the unique experience that it provides. In this sense, TV and regular cable programming offer an experience that is unique compared to streaming services and private content on YouTube. Over time, as the generation who grew up on TV is no longer with us, it might be possible that TV will become just a memory. At this time, however, there are still lots of people who love watching TV and would not trade these hours for time spent in other ways.

TV is still the main method by which content that is created is shared. Streaming services can be displayed on various other devices as well, but the TV and the programming that comes along with its use are still the most popular way of enjoying this content.

It can be hard to predict the future, and certainly, new technologies that no one thought about might change the nature of TV watching in the near future. However, it is likely that TV will remain a relevant part of the entertainment landscape for years into the future. Between the use of television in public spaces and for shared educational purposes, the TV will likely serve purposes that other devices cannot, even with streaming content readily on offer.

TV Remains Relevant Today

TV is one of those things that it’s hard to imagine will ever fall out of favor with the general public. There are an increasing number of people who are not a fan of sitting in front of the TV to watch content of various kinds, but there are just as many people who cannot imagine being without a TV. As the older generations who did not have other options besides TV for entertainment age, there could be changes to the popularity of TV as a whole. 

If you have been worried that TV is going to vanish, don’t panic. There is no indication that content will not still be made for TV and for cable specifically or that TVs will fall out of favor in the near future. The changes that happen to electronics and the preferences of consumers are unpredictable, but for the time being, TV still retains its relevance to consumers of various kinds of media.

This article was last updated on June 30, 2023 .

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