Are TV Dinners Bad For You? (Answered)

The TV dinner. This was one of the staples of childhood for most of us. You will find that many people ate TV dinners on specific nights of the week, often when parents were out of the house for events that didn’t include kids. Many of us were excited to eat our heat-up meal. But are these meals healthy>?

Health considerations come into play far more often these days when it comes to the foods that we eat. Consumers are more aware of what they should be eating and less likely to indulge in food that is bad for them. That does not mean that we don’t all eat unhealthy things from time to time. So are you safe to eat that TV dinner?

The Short Answer

Yes, many TV dinners are high in sodium, preservatives, and unhealthy fats, making them less nutritious than homemade meals. However, not all are bad; it’s essential to read labels and choose wisely.

Are TV Dinners Bad?

There are many companies that make frozen meals these days. There are weight-conscious meals, kid-friendly meals, and everything in between. You can also get food from around the world that is frozen and easy to heat up for a quick meal on the go. The range of food offerings that are pre-prepared like this can be very tempting if you are busy or hate to cook.

There are links, however, between these meals and things like obesity and diabetes. This is because these foods are made to taste better and last longer with the help of added sugars. The added flavorings and sugars in these meals can add up over time to weight gain, heart disease, and other kinds of metabolic issues.

Anything that is frozen and only needs to be reheated is usually also full to the brim with preservatives and food dyes. These things can all add up to unhealthy eating and can also lead to the risk of cancer and other unwanted ailments.

If you love this kind of food, consider cutting back to eating it a few times a month or once a week at most. There are many ways to make a quick meal on the go without having to resort to food that is full of sugar and chemicals. You should also do some research into the brand of meal that you are buying. Some companies are more health-conscious than others.

Heat-Up Dinners Are Not Great For Your Health

All of the frozen and pre-made meals that you can buy are probably low on the list of notorious foods that you could choose to eat. Make sure that you consider this an occasional treat and not the main staple of your diet. Avoiding obesity and things like diabetes is easier if you are not eating a steady diet of fast food and heat-up dinners. While it is really nice to be able to just pop a meal into the microwave and then have dinner ready to consume, you should look to other foods for your snacking and mealtime needs.

This article was last updated on August 14, 2023 .

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